Husky 2 Gal. Dual-Output 110 Psi Fastening & Inflation Compressor Combo Kit 2g110dp

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The Husky 2 Gallon Dual-Output air compressor boasts a rugged new Pro-featured design, higher pressure 110 Max psi pump and dual controls for adjusting pressure output to air tools or inflation. But take a closer look and you?ll see smart new features that make inflating easier for the whole family. There?s a built-in inflation hose with easy-to-use thumb-lock for inflating tires, balls and rafts. To check your pressure, the included pressure gauge snaps neatly out of the top. When you?re done everything stores neatly away. Low Noise: 68 DecibelLighter Weight 20.2 lbs.No Assembly RequiredIncludes 1-1/4 in. Brad nailer, 25 ft. Quick connect hose, Inflation hose with thumb-lock, tire pressure gauge, ball & raft inflation needles.


Product Title: Husky 2 Gal. Dual-Output 110 Psi Fastening & Inflation Compressor Combo Kit 2g110dp

Manufacturer: Husky

Power Score: 3.7 | 6 Reviews

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Good for really small stuff

My first time owning an air compressor. This unit is good for bicycle tires and blowing out things in spurts but the tank runs out too quickly for my liking. I returned mine because of that and the cheap hose was leaking air from under the spring. I decided to try the 6-gal Porter Cable which was $30 more ($99). OMG!!! What a HUGE difference. Not only was the tank bigger and stronger (2-gal, 110...
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By ReggieDIY on Home Depot - Dec 12, 2010

cheap is what you get

it doesnt run a bigger nailer. If you are looking for a compressor to do anything other than blow up toys or use the small nailer I would spend another 3o and get a bigger light unit

By tazrace66 on Home Depot - Dec 12, 2010

Husky Portable Air Compressor

I use to just have a portable airtank to use to inflate all the tires on yard and garden items and always had to go fill the tank , now all I do is turn on the Husky and take it to where I need it a must for all home owners

By Chipman on Home Depot - Dec 11, 2010

The little compressor that could!

I needed a portable compressor to seat the tire beads on my snowblower. After an intense Internet search, I found the HUSKY 2 Gal. Dual-Output 110 psi Fastening & Inflation Compressor Combo Kit. A quick phone call to my local Home Depot confirmed that this little beast was in stock. I rushed down to the store, found the Husky, paid for it (and got my military discount), added the extended two...
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By AlaskaRob on Home Depot - Dec 11, 2010

Great for blowing and bike/MX tires inflation

I just bought this compressor right after thanksgiving. It was great for blowing through carb. jets and blowing carbs. nice and dry. I work on MX bikes at home and this little compressor works just fine. I won't use it with pneumatic tools. It does not hold enough air to put air in small truck or car tires. I tried to air my truck tires from 28psi to 36psi (they were very low) and I had to fill...
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By cloneng1 on Home Depot - Dec 9, 2010

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