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Easy Start

The unit sets up quickly. Comes with oil in the machine. Be very careful with the oil reservoir cap. It is plastic and will cross thread very very easily. Should have been made of metal. The unit runs a bit loud but for the price it is a work horse. Ran almost 7 hours on one gallon of gas at medium load. Kicked on the AC and it picked right up and kept on generating. Not on the light side but easy to move around with the two handles. Overall I like the unit and so far it seems to be a good buy.

By Jimw1963 on Home Depot - Oct 11, 2011

Great in a pinch

We bought this generator when hurricane Irene came to town and the generator worked great for keeping our refridgerator and freezer going for a week without power. We did not loose any food thanks to this small but reliable generator.

By TOMANDANN on Home Depot - Oct 6, 2011

Great generator for the price

This is my second generator, my other is a Honda EB5000. In my new home since I do not have a well or other monster electric device this little guy does the trick. 2 Fridges are the biggest load I could throw at it and it grunted a bit but picked the load right up. Like any generator under load it whines but the noise is acceptable and it is quieter than my 11HP Honda under load. Only problem I had was that out of the box the carb float was stuck (gas flowing out of the over flow on the carb bowl). One quick bounce on the driveway and it was off and running! If you have low to moderate emergency power needs this is your baby!

By geoffreyl2 on Home Depot - Jul 27, 2011


I purchased this generator less then 2 years ago and it will not start. It kicks over and runs for a few seconds then stops running. Local repair shop says becuase it is a Suburu engine parts are not readily available, they cannot repair it. BUY A HONDA!

By jb3147 on Home Depot - Jun 27, 2011

NO part,

If you could get part this would be ok for the price, Have been wait over 90 days for a neil vale for carb. it a mikin carb but you oluy can get it form subaru, the pull ropie wair fast 2 or 3 mosth, 10 min and $5 to fix, it too lould for Nat-park camping. but ok for Dunmon. Will not run A/C, but will micwave most other suff,, Las Vegas Nevada

By wtyx on Home Depot - Jun 5, 2011

Great little generator

I use these generators for work. I put one on each of my guys work carts. It makes each guy self sufficient and very mobile. 1 guy using 1 cart and only 1 power tool at a time it is ideal. The only thing that keeps me from giving it 5 stars is the ripcord. We pull on the ripcord upwards of 50 times a day because we turn them on only to run the power tools. The ripcord has a tendancy tofray and break.

By pbecker21 on Home Depot - Apr 30, 2011

Awesome generator for the price!

Started first pull, didn't leak or smoke one slight little bit and ran like a champ for 3 hours. Barely sipped fuel. Quiet? Not as quiet as a Honda maybe but it doesn't cost a grand but it doesn't rattle the windows either. Unless you intend to run your generator in your bedroom this unit works great and fills the bill for under $500. Yep it's heavy; so what; bend at the knees. If that doesn't work for you, buy the Honda. If you don't want to spend a grand on a generator then go with this unit. Nuff said!

By Selaretus on Home Depot - Apr 22, 2011

Best Generator I have Ever Owned

I bought this Generator during a power outage to replace my very small two stroke generator. I was on the fence to buy this or a larger generator, but elected to buy this one because I liked the 6.5 hour run time on 1.2 gallons of fuel. Remember, fuel is scarce and expensive in emergencies. I ran the generator for 5 straight days only shutting down to fuel every 5 hours and check oil. I did change the oil at about 20 hours ( one day) of run time as suggested in owners manual. In five days, it used no oil and never faltered one bit even in the 4" snow, 1" rain, 1/2" ice storm, and -2 degree temperatures during that week. A very easy pull gets it started. It is smooth running, a little loud, but totally worth it if you need it. A wheel kit would be nice, but it is small enough to lift for most able bodied people if needed. I personally just use a two wheel cart to get it where it is going. I have been very happy with my purchase and have no regrets. BTW, This runs my furnace, Refrigerator, big screen TV, lights, and microwave all at the same time with the help of a Reliance 6 circuit transfer switch.

By 76jeepcj5 on Home Depot - Feb 28, 2011


This was a bad purchase. As soon as I filled in the oil and gas and started the generator it started leaking oil. When I actually connected a load on this generator the generator started burning oil and stalled. Don't buy this generator, the quality is bad and looks like there is no QC at the factory. I took it back and got a full refund.

By Indishock on Home Depot - Nov 8, 2010

Outstanding customer service

Great generator. Started second pull. Solid construction. Easy to manage. Special thanks to Dottie in customer service and upper management at the Bellingham,MA store. Truly outstanding customer service. Thank you.

By Generator on Home Depot - Sep 22, 2010

Solid starter

I have owned this little unit for almost a year and I almost keep wishing for a power outage so I can use it! (Murphy's law: buy a generator and the disasters go away.) Bought to power the fridge, pc, tv and/or a few lights. The generator starts on the first try every time and one is able to easily hold a conversation over its relatively low noise. I rated it four stars (really 4.5) because it does not come with wheels, so I transport mine on a dolly. Will update upon further use.

By Handygrl on Home Depot - May 2, 2010


This thing works great. powers everything i need it to. has some noise to it, but perfect for the size and money

By OSDecals on Home Depot - May 1, 2010