Grape Solar GS-2760-KIT Residential 2,760 Watt Grid-Tied Solar Power System Kit

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This Grape Solar 2,760 Watt kit generates 252kWh to 504kWh of electricity per month for use in your residence. The kit consists of Grape Solar CS-P-230-DJ 230W Poly-Si modules, a PVP2500 Inverter and a roof-top mounting system for mounting the modules. This kit is easy to install, and the ideal size for future expansion. You have the option to generate a portion of your electricity consumption or the entire daily/monthly consumption of your household. Unlike other generators, there are no mechanical moving components on this kit; therefore, maintenance is virtually non-existent. The kit is eligible for receiving federal/state/local rebates and incentives. A complete high-performance solar PV system designed for USA/Canada/countries that use 120/240 AC, 60HZ. This kit combines Grape Solar's industry-leading solar panels with a top-of-the-line inverters and racking, specially designed for the highest system-level performance and most cost effective solution. Package DC power output: 2,760Watt. (12) Grape Solar 230W Poly-Si panels. Panels are UL, CEC and FSEC certified. Panel output tolerance: 0-Percent +3-Percent. Panel dimension 64.9-Inch by 39.0-Inch by 1.57-Inch. Total roof space required: 216-squar feet. Impact resistance: hail diameter of 28mm with speed of 86km/h. (1) PVP-2500 inverter from PV Powered. AC/DC system disconnects and 10 year warranty are included. (1) set of Regular Roof Mount racking system, wind load up to 80mph.Recommended Electrical Wiring: 2 strings x 6 panels/string with PVP-2500 inverter. Combiners, cables, and fuses are not included. Solar Panels: 25 years power output warranty, 10 year material and workmanship warranty. Inverter: 10 year warranty. Racking: 10 year warranty.


Product Title: Grape Solar GS-2760-KIT Residential 2,760 Watt Grid-Tied Solar Power System Kit

Manufacturer: Grape Solar

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