Reviews for Generac 5800 XG8000 XG Series 8000 Watt Portable Generator

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Solid - Well Built

This may not be the fanciest model out there at this time but it most certainly seems to follow the Generac tradition of being made to last. All panels are metal btw. I like the rubber dust covers over the outlets. Mostly I paid a little more for this model to get the pressure oiled motor and the ground fault outlets. The capacity is about right for me with a water well and both a freezer and frig. If I had to do one thing different in the purchase I think I just might spring the extra $90 for the electric start. It takes about 10 pulls to get it going the first time and is about like pulling a dead horse with one hand, so to speak. After the first time it has usually started on the second pull thank goodness. Time may tell but I'm looking forward to many years of service from this model. I got a good deal from HD and the home delivery service worked out better than me driving 60 miles to pick it up. Kudos to HD for this service!

By Approse on Home Depot - May 29, 2011

XG8000 Is A Nice Generator With One Flaw

I finally had to replace an old Generac 5500XL after about 12 years of service including a couple of weeks heavy use after Hurricane Ike. Decided on the XG8000 because I needed more steady state and starting power based on my hurricane experience, and I felt that the Generac was a good unit. One thing I liked immediately about the XG8000 is the power meter which graphically shows roughly how much steady state power you are consuming. I also liked the engine hour meter with reminders to change the oil. My old Generac had neither of these features. Also, this unit has rubber covers over the outlets, although you shouldn't be running this generator in the rain in any event. All in all, this unit seems better built than my previous Generac, and the price is great. So what's not to like? The unit has one big flaw that had me tearing my hair out until I discovered the problem based on a review on another site. I could not get this unit to start no matter what I did. It would fire up, run for maybe three seconds, and die. After trying all sorts of combinations of choke (full, half, none) and even starting fluid, I was ready to give up and seek warranty service, when I decided to do a comprehensive search on Generac generator reviews that identified hard start problems. There are a number of instances of this, but only one person mentioned that they had discovered that their fuel line between the shutoff valve and fuel filter was kinked. I ran out to check my fuel line, and sure enough, it was kinked near the outlet of the fuel shutoff valve. You can't see this area very well unless you are really looking closely, but the line came off the valve at almost right angles, which only allowed a tiny trickle of fuel to get through. As soon as I fixed this the generator started immediately and ran perfectly! Generac needs to fix this problem, as there is nothing to prevent the line from moving in such a way to cause it to kink again in this same location. I restrained mine with a cable tie! It is one nice generator, and handles the loads I need it to handle much better than my old one. I would have given it five stars except for this flaw.

By Chas9945 on Home Depot - May 19, 2011