Reviews for Briggs & Stratton 40248 7 Kw Single Phase 120/240 V Natural Gas and Propane Double Fuel Standby Generator BAS1022

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Buyer bewere !!!!!!!!

Strengths: Great once you get it started .

Weakness: Constant valve adjustment is required !

First off I live off the grid. The Briggs & Stratton Standby 7kw PowerNow Dual Mode #40248 IS NOT my primary source of power! I have a full solar array and 2 wind turbines with 8 battery's used as a storage bank . I bought this Gen. to help out with some of the heavier electrical loads I need threw my family's day. On average it runs for 2 to 3.5 hours a day. It eats 110 gal of LP a month to operate. It also needs constant valve adjustments every 3 months at a very price tag of 140.00 bucks and it is not covered in your warranty I found out 7 months after buying it. Briggs will not even cover the diagnostic work to find out what is wrong with it. Bad rule of thumb with Briggs! If it isn't messed up by the manufacture IT ISN'T COVERED!

By CharlesCole781 - Mar 18, 2012

Quality Generator

I bought this model and bought two 40 LB tanks for longer run time,The gas line has no problem reaching the tanks ,as the 40 lb are twice as tall as the 20 lb. I bought the Reliance XRC1003C transfer switch and used siemans mini breakers and got up to 18 circuits ,hard wired to an outdoor inlet box.Using a 4 wire 30 AMP.rated power cord. The 1003C transfer switch comes with two watt meter so I can check the load balance while running. I have not had to use it yet, but am confident it will perform well.

By Bazooka Joe on Norwall PowerSystems - Oct 7, 2012