All-Power America 2500Watts 3250Watts surge 6.5HP OHV portable generator - Non CA

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This All Power America generator is run by an air-cooled, four-cycle, OHV engine and is a great device for power in a snap. Its compact frame is essential for easy mobility.


Product Title: All-Power America 2500Watts 3250Watts surge 6.5HP OHV portable generator - Non CA

Manufacturer: All-Power

Power Score: 4.4 | 8 Reviews

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Right size & price

Had an opportunity to put this gen. to the test with a power outage in my area recently and it performed perfectly. It started with half a pull on the cord and ran smoothly with a refrigerator and sump pump plugged into it the whole time. I was about to plug in the cable box and TV next but power was restored just before. I'm sure it would have handled the additional load. It runs fairly quiet...
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By BobG on Home Depot - Dec 2, 2011

Owned for years, still works reliablly, and quietly!

I have owned this generator for almost four years. I live in Maine, where winters can be harsh, so a generator is as important as snow tires around here. We do not lose power often, but when we do, the generator has performed perfectly each time. I custom-made a wire so that I could plug the generator into my transfer switch, and give power to our home when needed. Granted, it does not power...
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By Maineiac on Home Depot - Nov 13, 2011

Good product for the price

This is my first generator. I wanted something inexpensive, lightweight enough for me to carry and load into my car by myself, with output in the 3000+ watt range. This item met the requirements. It starts up easily (2 or 3 pulls) and isn't too terribly loud. Like I said, I don't have any previous experience with generators so I have nothing to compare it to but it seems fine for what I need.

By Saki on Home Depot - Nov 12, 2011

This product has great user features,with simplicity of use.

I especially like this generator for it's portability.It is very easy to crank and runs relatively quiet.The power output is ideal for emergency use during occasional power outages. It is very great for camping,fishing and outdoor activities.

By DocBass on Home Depot - Nov 8, 2011

This 3250 watt Gen works great.

A friend loaned me this unit this past week when we lost power after a freak October snow storm. Although it is a bit on the noisey side, It powered a refrigerator, freezer, hot water boiler, several lights and an ocassional TV show over a 4 day period. I ran this unit around the clock and I still got about 12 hrs out of each tankful of gas. Pretty impressive for a cheap, no-name generator....
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By Jamco on Home Depot - Nov 5, 2011

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