Entire Manzanita Tree 42 "x 42"

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This is an entire Manzanita Tree and not just a branch. This tree is perfect for a Wedding Tree for those brides that want it all. Rarely do you see an entire Manzanita trees on display, because most people want the economic route of combining several branches together to form a tree. However, this is for those people that want it all. It will be freshly cut upon purchase to ensure its branches are green and bendable during shipment. This tree has to ship via Fedex Freight based on its exact weight, size, and the zip code. However, be prepared to spend $500-$600 in freight charges. Upon arrival the tree should be hung to dry for 4-6 weeks to allow the leaves to crumble and fall off. This allows for the cleanest deleafing of the tree. We can store the tree and dry it here at our Manzanita Ranch for you and remove the leaves after sufficient drying, but this does increase the risk of breakage during shipping since its begun to dry instead of being green and fully bendable.

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Product Title: Entire Manzanita Tree 42 "x 42"

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