Mohawk Industries 14899 Sunset Dune Porcelain Surface

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Mohawk Industries, 14899, Floor Tile, Gravura, Tile, Surface Characteristics: Random (V4) shade variation - the highest level of shade variation, V4 tile has a strong variation across the tile, often including a number of different colors and shades in a single tile interspersed in random fashion Slip Resistant tile - this tile has a coarse exterior that makes it ideal for use in areas where water may come in contact with the tile, such as kitchens or bathrooms PEI Rating 4 - PEI rating 4 tiles are suitable for all residential applications for moderate to heavy traffic, and for light to medium commercial traffic areas as well Installation Specifics: Outdoor installation approved - this tile is suitable to be used in an outdoor environment when the manufacturers recommended installation considerations are followed Tile Structure: Porcelain tile - made of dense clay, porcelain tiles have several advantages over ceramic tile, including: greater durability, higher resistance to staining, and typically being easier to clean Tile Dimensions: 13 in width 20 in length 3/8 in thickness Mohs Hardness Scale 8 - graded on a scale from 1 to 10, mohs or scratch hardness characterizes the scratch resistance of the tile; the higher the number, the more scratch resistant a material will be Specifications: Color: Sunset Dune Square Feet Per Carton: 12.55' Tile Width: 13 Tile Length: 20 Tile Thickness: 3/8


Product Title: Mohawk Industries 14899 Sunset Dune Porcelain Surface

Manufacturer: Mohawk Industries

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