Sanyo HIT Power 225W Mono Solar Panels

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HIT® Power 225A Pallet Quantity (35 Solar Panels) HIT solar cells are hybrids of mono crystalline silicon surrounded by ultra-thin amorphous silicon layers, and are available solely from SANYO. HIT® is a registered trademark of SANYO Electric Co.,LTd.. The name HIT® comes from Heterojunction with intrinsic Thin-layer which is an original technology of SANYO Electric Co.,Ltd.. Features Ultra-high efficiency to make the most of available space Power guarantee means quicker investment return Better performance at high temperatures than the competition Silicon wafers are made in the USA HIT Delivers More Real World Performance 20.2 % cell conversion efficiency Hybrid cell produces the highest output on cloudy days Highest warranted tolerance : -0/+10 % Most PTC Watts: 209.1 Lowest temperature coefficient: -0.33% Highest PTC/STC Ratio: 93%+ SANYO HIT® Solar Cell Structure


Product Title: Sanyo HIT Power 225W Mono Solar Panels

Manufacturer: Sanyo

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