Westminster Jelly Ball Lamp

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This Jelly Ball Lamp, manufacturered by Westminster, is listed with an MPN of 2432. - We just love super absorbent polymers. - Now you can have the wonder that is polymer suspended and swirling randomly in a water filled lamp. - A built-in propeller system in the bottom of the lamp propels the spheres, creating a mesmerizing water show. - The water lamp comes complete with a packet of translucent multicolor polymer spheres. - Once they absorb water, they grow to 20 times their original size! - Simply soak them for about 24 hours before adding them to the lamp. - Just add water to the lamp, then add your polymers, and voila! - Pure entertainment that totally thrashes your old lava lamp, man! - Colorful jelly balls rise, fall and float-a mesmerizing sight. - Uses 3 AA batteries or an AC adapter (not included). - The scene is both mesmerising and calming.

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Product Title: Westminster Jelly Ball Lamp

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