Reviews for Milwaukee 48-22-1901 Milwaukee Fastback- Heavy-Duty Utility Knife

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A couple days ago this knife slid down the roof I was working on and fell 30 feet onto the frozen ground. I looked over at my coworker and said "if that survived the fall I will write a review on it". Needless to say the knife works as good as the day I got it!! Amazing quality, and the best utility knife I have ever owned in over ten years of construction! Worth the extra money.

By vdberg on Home Depot - Feb 4, 2012

Only truly one handed flip utility knife I know of.

As a contractor I have used just about every utility knife made. I was reluctant to buy this one because of its cost, It was worth every extra penny. Here is why. Before the utility 'flip knife' was invented you had a choice between dozens of retractable knives all w/their own features...some better than others. But what they all lacked was a compact size. Until the flip knife, every pair of work pants I owned had a hole in its right front pocket and my leg was usually chaffed by the end of the day. I know, that's why they make knife holsters and tool belts to hold the thing, but at the end of the day, the one tool you never want to be w/o is your utility knife. Tool belts go on and off and if you (like I do) tend to work w/a J hook and a hammer holder on a regular work belt, it starts to get crowded when you start adding other tools. Besides, the knives were still too long and they had a tendency to poke me whenever I bent over or they'd simply fall out of my belt or holster a dozen times a day. So the flip knife w/far fewer features became my first choice for most jobs and depending on what I am doing, I sometimes carry 1 or 2 retractable knives along w/it if need be. The only real draw back to the flip knife was that you really need two hands to open and close them....that is until this knife! The skinny: -Truly single handed operation (it takes a little practice, but it is there). -Best belt clip I have come across. I wear the knife both inside my pocket and out. Either way, the clip glides over the top of my pocket and holds fast. It has done so for years. No more frayed pocket tops and bent- near useless clips. -Excellent construction. The entire knife is screwed together. The only drawback here, is the screws can in time come loose. The answer is Locktite. -effortless blade changing. -It is very comfortable to handle. -It does NOT carry any extra blades. No flip knives that I know of do. So in the instances when I need to change blades often, I carry a retractable as well. -If you use a knife daily, the extra cost is easily justified by the quality, comfort and ease of use.

By CoolD on Acme Tools - Mar 19, 2013

Amazing Utility Knife!

This product is great! I work doing all kinds of things. Plumbing,Landscaping,Carpentry and other things too. And no matter what I do the knife holds up strong. Still as tight and solid as day one. I bought it in October after a recommendation from a friend. The blade change is effortless! I love they way it flips open. I've dropped this knife off a roof,ladder, down concrete stairs, I've even used it as a hammer once or twice! This knife is by far the best utility knife I've ever used, and I've tried a lot, its also very compact. I recommend this product 150%!

By Handyman on Home Depot - Aug 14, 2012

Utility Knife

The best utility knife I have ever owned.It cuts well and is easy to use.An additional plus is it was a great deal.

By papa on Home Depot - Jun 4, 2013

Good knife, good price

I was looking for good utility knife for a while, didn't really consider a folding knife. But I'm pleased with its quality and performance, very light weight, solid, super fast blade changing. I wish it would have a blade storage.

By GeneZ on Home Depot - Jun 4, 2013

Awesome Knife!!!

I own a few varieties of utility knives. By far this recent purchase is my favorite one. Simple one hand open and close feature. The clip doesn't hold on too tight. Just perfect! Blade changes are simple as well.

By George on Home Depot - Apr 9, 2013

best knife i have ever used

I'm a pro.handyman,i do everything from framing to sheetrock to siding and metal trim. I have put this knife to the test from cutting sheetrock to striping wire. I have yet to have a problem with it. Want a good knife buy this one BEST KNIFE EVER

By bob1the1handyman on Home Depot - Apr 1, 2013

Broke the Stanely Mold!

I have been using standard Stanley Utility knives forEVER and bought the latest one (Model # 10-778 FatMax) thinking the grip looked good and easy to see (bright yellow). Basically, the name sold me. I was SO WRONG! came home, tried to figure it out (no directions for blade replacement that made human sense), but found that impossible because they left out step 2 of 3. Just trying to push a blade into it was, yes the grip feels good but the rest is worse than useless. Read reviews about it (way too late) and my take was about the same as others. Someone should lose their job over this one at Stanley. Looked at other knife reviews and found this Milwaukee hands down and thumbs up way past all the rest for single blade utility knife functions, style and durability. Took back the Stanley FatMax, found the Milwaukee on sale for same price as the Stanley mistake, grabbed one, talked another customer eyeballing the many choices in front of us into buying the Milwaukee easily, and both of us were on our way home satisfied we made the right choice today. Did I say they are on sale at H.D.? Yep, and the price is right too! Almost half off! I only had one reservation and that was the clip being in the way of a solid grip for hard cuts...but saw that there is a Phillips flat-head screw holding clip and could easily remove said clip if it feels to be a (in the way) problem. Replaced the blade quickly and easily with no fret about stitches at hospital (like possible with the Stanley FatMax). The other review negative about sometimes pressing the blade lock button is a no brainer for me, as I am left handed and therefore does not come into play. Only would accidentally touch that if I was right handed holding knife. (no judgement on right-handed folks...heh). Perhaps there are more left handed people in Milwaukee than in other places??? Also love that the blade is locked IN as well as OUT. Feels safer this way. Anyway, feel real good about purchase and will perhaps write another review upon a couple of months work here and there (mostly recycle cardboard cutting). Thanks Milwaukee (I now know there is a u in Milwaukee) :-) Berkeley Born

By Berkeley on Home Depot - Feb 10, 2013

Great tool, tough.

Since I purchased this knife I probably wont be buying another utility knife unless I lose it. The knife is a solid, ergonomic tool that just feels right in the hand. Pocket clip is tight and you can tell it is integrated inside the handle for long life. My only complaint would be a plastic carrying case for the 4 spare blades.

By Coosemanjax on Home Depot - Dec 7, 2012


This thing is sturdy and lives up to my abuse. I like the wire stripper and the rope cutter. Fast opening

By Wazzup on Home Depot - Nov 5, 2012

well built, easy, comfy, worth the money

Milwaukee tools have an excellent reputation and this is clearly no exception. The knife is SOLID, it is comfortable to hold, the blade extension is adjustable (not all-or-nothing), and when the blade is retracted a slit in the casing safely exposes a small length of blade that allows for quick cutting of twine or similar. Any creature with an opposable thumb could exchange the blade in less than a minute. My review is based on comparison of three popular brands over the last year. The first knife broke and the second was dangerous. Milwaukee is now my brand.

By ninc on Home Depot - Jul 4, 2011

my favorite

far and above my favorite utility knife. i've always been happy with my Milwaukee tools, but this knife has no equal. + locks open AND shut. keeps kids from the blade. + ergo handle works great, gives lots of control to the cut. keeps your hand on the handle and away from the blade. +sturdy, sturdy, sturdy. very little flex, blade play, etc. makes for a good, accurate cut. I bought three and wish i had bought more. Home Depot should be selling these babies in the stores, not just online. the only fault i can find with it is that occasionally i will have my thumb up on the bladed holder and will press the blade release. this happens rarely and many others knives have this same issue. as long as these are still on the market i don't see a need to buy any other single-blade utility knife.

By odwini on Home Depot - Dec 13, 2010

The awesome knife that couldn't cut it...sort of..

I bought this knife because, let's face it, it's really cool looking & I like switchblades! I work in the paper industry & was disappointed only because the small screw on the bottom of the blade holder tore into the tissue before the blade had a chance to cut. That being said, it works fantastic for everything else I've used it for (I make cabinets on the side). The handle fits my hand superbly, opening it is a breeze, the gut hook makes quick work of twine & rope, blade changes are fast & easy! If you want a utility knife that's way cooler than your neighbors, this is it! The first time you flip it open in front of them, they'll turn green with envy! Yet another great Milwaukee tool for your collection!

By Screwd4sho on Home Depot - Dec 4, 2010

Fastback Utility Knife

I just love it ... I must have had a few dozen Utility Knifes in my 56 years as a Cabinet Maker. The large clip keeps it secure to my belt, and the flip open blade is a welcome convenience when I have only one free hand when I need a knife most. Great Product .... Thanks Much !!

By WilliamW6767 on Home Depot - Oct 16, 2010

One Of the Best Utility Knifes

The design & the way it fits your hand is the best feature of this utility knife. I've had this knife for about three months & have used it extensively on the field & home. Here are some of the pros: folds in nano seconds, quick blade change, very compact easily fits in pocket or on a belt, blade hasn't come off the knife once, which is a big draw back in most utility knifes (& I'm rough with it that a lot of times the blades brake), it cuts electrical wires nicely (make sure to change blade to get nice cuts), & the design is a big plus, which is really the reason I bought the knife (as mentioned above). Cons: it's a bit pricey, the quick folding mechanism is a bit tricky at first, haven’t found the Milwaukee blades anywhere for the knife, which contain their sharpness longer than most blades (really top notch blades). Highly recommended, one of the best folding utility knifes on the market & great craftmanship tough body. Not sure if I could name other retailers knifes here, but I would rate this as #2 (close #1) of my top 3.

By JohnnyA36 on Home Depot - Aug 5, 2010

Great Product

This is probably the best utility knife that I have used yet. Quick one handed opening AND closing as well as sure fire blade retention. I know that at $14 it is almost double other knives but it is so worth it, not to mention the Miluakee quality that is in this knife. Buy this knife, you won't be disappointed! Happy cutting P.S. The built in wire cutter is pretty cool too!

By afitzgerald1080 on Home Depot - Jul 24, 2010