Channellock Crimping Tool

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Product Title: Channellock Crimping Tool

Manufacturer: Channellock

Lowest Price: $18.22 from

Power Score: 5 | 2 Reviews

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Product Reviews (2)

Required for heavy use professional crimping

Although I have 6 of the multi-purpose 908 Channellock crimpers, I have one of these for frequent use. Great leverage, comfortable grip and take a lot of abuse (electricans have been known to use these or lineman's pliers as hammers!)

By sportsterdoc on Home Depot - Nov 20, 2011

Very durable and tough

this is my 3rd pair of these. They have always been a great staple in the old tool bag. I have one at my wife's salon 1 at the house and 1 in my truck. If you ever want a pair get them and you'll ask yourself how you did electrical work without them

By Icegumby32 on Home Depot - Nov 15, 2011

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