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Bathroom - Product Reviews

Most Helpful Reviews

5 Star Review Faucet Filter System (White)


congoperator1 - (December 27, 2004) The Brita Ultra Faucet Fileter System saves you time and money, without purchasing bottled water. It allows you to bypass the filtering system and gives you a single stream of water or a shower of ordinary water, without any loss of pressure in the water level as some other brands of water filters do. I highly recommend the Brita water fo;ter. Ot attaches on the kitchen sink faucet with ease, and has all the adapters you will ever need to omsta;; it.

5 Star Review comfort height


bjolly - (February 28, 2006) I have back problems, and needed a high toilet, this brand was recomened by an installer. My friends have even commented on it's efficiency (that have other brand high toilets) It has very clean lines, liked it so much, we are buying another one to replace the other bathroom. It never clogs like other newer toilets.

5 Star Review WhisperWall™ Wall Mounted Fan


fransdw - (March 31, 2005) I was looking for a fan to ventilate the area under stairs since I wanted to put a few computers there. In a quite unconventional fashion, the fan was supposed to suck cool air from my living room and blow it into the area under the stairs. This fan is so silent I cannot hear it at all, not even from 8 feet away on the couch. I was so impressed I went ahead and bought another to vent from the room under the stairs into my kitchen. I was able to hear this fan, but I expected it since the kitchen was on the external side of the fan. Still, it was silent enough to where it does not bother me at all. Kudos to the seller too, the fans arrived very quickly.

Latest Reviews

5 Star Review is very good website.

YouObd640 - (10/25/2013) is very good website,it's sale car testing tools.price very cheap,but qualty is very good. server is very nice.

3 Star Review Just OK

furmacs - (10/10/2013) The white version of this toilet has the toilet kit and the seat included. But if you buy the biscuit or any other color you only get the toilet with no seat, no toilet kit. It seems like a lot of trouble just to match your decor. I contacted Kohler and they are not very smart there--they could not give me the toilet kit part number.

5 Star Review good product

Anonymous - (09/17/2013) Product was as described, quality was good for the price. Easy to install.

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