Luxor One2products ONE2FLUSH Dual Flush Conversion Kit with Easy Installation and 2 Wa N/A

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One2products, ONE2FLUSH, Toilet Parts, Part, Fill Valve, Dual Flush Conversion Kit It's time to save money by saving water. Introducing the One2flush dual flush conversion kit, the first U.S.-assembled water conservation product that can help your family save thousands of gallons of water a year every time you flush your toilet. The award-winning One2flush's secret is in its dual flush design. Push the handle one way for liquids and the other way for solids, and the chamber knows exactly how little or how much water to use during each flush. The savings? Thirty gallons a day for the average family! Affordably priced and easy to install, the One2flush is perfect for families watching their expenses and for consumers in drought-stricken areas. With its reduced water needs, the One2flush eases the demands on local waste water treatment plants, and by giving extended life to old non-degradable porcelain toilets, One2flush even reduces landfill space. Truly an amazing product. Save water, save money the One2flush way! Features: Flush Conversion Kit Dual Flush Design Push the Handle One Way for Liquids and the Other Way for Solids The Chamber Knows Exactly How Little of How Much Water to Use During Each Flush Easy to Install 4 Long x 13.5 Wide x 5 High One2products is a company devoted to bringing green' ideas to the marketplace for a better world. In addition to the One2flush dual flush toilet conversion kit, a host of products are now in the works for the consumer retail market!


Product Title: Luxor One2products ONE2FLUSH Dual Flush Conversion Kit with Easy Installation and 2 Wa N/A

Manufacturer: Luxor

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