American Standard 2844.016.020 White Titan Pro Titan Pro Round-Front Two-Piece Toilet with Right...

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Product Features:Fully covered under a 5 year warranty - 5 times the industry standardQuick, quiet flushing - American Standard toilets are notoriously efficient and hushedIndustry-leading flushing system out-performs older toilets while using less than 1/2 the waterTank flushing components specially engineered to withstand chemically-treated urban waterSanitary bar on bowl prevents liquids from traveling under the tankRound bowl shape - space saving and more economical than elongated bowlsTwo-piece toilet - less cumbersome than one-piece designs to lift, carry, and installChair-height bowl - easier to sit and stand; appropriate for adults and the elderlyLeft mounted trip leverPerfected porcelain casting process and adjustable tank anchors eliminate tank wobblesStraight-forward installation instructions are included with each toilet100% factory flush tested - guaranteed to performToilet seat is not included - when adding to cart, options that fit this toilet will be presentedWax ring kit (for installation) is not included - when adding to cart, this inexpensive item will be presentedCadet 3 Flushing:3” flush valve – The flush starts with a flushing system that employs a 3” valve opening, allowing water to enter the bowl at a much faster rate than the industry standard 2” flush valve. Controlled by a flapper that is engineered to be chemical-resistant, the Cadet flushing valve system is highly regarded for its durability.360 degree cleaning – Water entering the bowl does so in a sweeping 360-degree motion. This is designed to help completely clear the bowl, even while using less water.Powerful siphoning water jet – A perfectly positioned water jet captures the circular flow of water for optimal performance wit


Product Title: American Standard 2844.016.020 White Titan Pro Titan Pro Round-Front Two-Piece Toilet with Right Height Bowl 2844.016

Manufacturer: American Standard

Power Score: 3.2 | 6 Reviews

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