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Manufacturer: AquaScape

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Shower is now MORE EXCITING!

(subject) My wife and I decided to replace our shower head, so I went to one of local Home Depot store. After I saw this one on display, I immediately decide to buy it, ~$37.50 after tax. Installation was easy, use a wrench remove the old showerhead (lack of pressure, and budget design), installed this new showerhead by hand, no wrench and sealing tape is not needed. I couldn't wait to jump in...
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By WaterpikShowerhead on Home Depot - Apr 14, 2009

A Lotta Bang for the Buck!

OMG! You have to try this showerhead. A little background first: We bought a home with only a shower stall in the master bath. There were no holders of any type so we purchased an over-the-showerhead caddy. The addition of the shower caddy caused water to spray all over the bathroom unless we redirected the water causing us very interesting positioning antics to wash and rinse. If you could have...
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By scubacuba on Home Depot - Sep 16, 2007

Replaced our Showerhead

I had seen this showerhead in a magazine and was intrigued. Got the showerhead because the specifications said it was whole body. The picture looks like the showerhead is small, but it's quite large, thouigh elliptical rather than round (like most showerheads). The water pressure is amazing, but beware of the concentrated powerspray--it's a monster of a setting. Overall, I love this showerhead...
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By marvelg on Home Depot - Oct 15, 2006

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