Yamaha YPT300 Portable Keyboard

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Product Title: Yamaha YPT300 Portable Keyboard

Manufacturer: Yamaha

Power Score: 4.8 | 12 Reviews

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Best "Bang-for-the-Buck"

Strengths: Yamaha Grand Piano sample is excellent, large variety of sounds, responsive touch-sensitive keys, runs on AC or batteries

Weakness: No sustain pedal included

I've given this product a five-star rating. That's to be taken with the understanding that the YPT-300 is one of the most affordable portable keyboards on the market. Nothing in its price range comes close in terms of sound quality, and the build quality is above average. I do think a sustain pedal should be included, but I understand that every maker is keeping the cost as low as possible. Get a...
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By ToddlerTN - Apr 26, 2007

Great Buy

Strengths: Touch Sensitive Keys. Full sound. Light for travel. High quality. Fun.

Weakness: None

I must say I am impressed by the quality of this keyboard. I got it on sale at Walmart without much expectations. However, it sounded great and better than some I have heard in the same price range. It has touch sensitive keys which is the selling point for me. The keys themselves fell heavy (lighter than a real piano but heavier than other cheap keyboards) which also makes the keyboard play like...
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By howdumb7 - Feb 12, 2007

Top Notch for the Price

Strengths: Touch-sensitive keys, came with an adapter and a stand in my package

Weakness: Lightweight(could be good too)

This keyboard sounds really good. Many keyboards in this value price-range don't have touch-sensitive keys, and it makes a huge difference! Imagine a synthesizer with no change in volume - that's what it would sound like without this key feature. Overall, a great buy for about $100.

By sjaymoon - Feb 6, 2007

Wonderful for piano practice and fun

Strengths: nice grand piano voice - excellent for piano learners to practice; good deal at 100 dollars or less; nice overall design and style; several hundreds of styles, voices, and songs bring great fun

Weakness: plastic scratching noise when pressing keys; no USB midi interface included, $40 extra to buy; volume is on the soft side

I have got this keyboard for 10 days and guess what? I spent at least a few hours on it every day. I simply cannot get away from it. I haven't explored all the features yet but I have read the manual and tried most major features of it. It is such a wonderful instrument. First, it is easy for piano practice - press Grand Piano button, select a piano solo song and play it (at different pace,...
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By jue_yan - Jan 21, 2007

Very nice. Start learning now.

Strengths: Beautiful sound. Touch-sensitive keys. Many voices to choose from. Compact.

Weakness: Can hear slight "thumping" of keys when you press into it - like with all keyboards. Included DVD lessons not full set of lessons. LCD screen is a little bit small.

This is a really great piano keyboard for beginners. The grand piano sound is amazing for a keyboard. The sheer number of voices is also amazing. We're only beginners but we have had so much fun with it. Touch-sensitive keys are a must. The LCD shows which notes you are hitting which helps a lot while you're learning. The built-in lessons are somewhat helpful but I prefer renting/buying some DVD...
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By MCEscher - Jan 8, 2007

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