Taylor Corporation 5553 Bia Body Fat Analyzer Bath Scale

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Product Title: Taylor Corporation 5553 Bia Body Fat Analyzer Bath Scale

Manufacturer: Taylor Corporation

Power Score: 1.8 | 4 Reviews

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Strengths: accurate weight

Weakness: err3 code

I use mine for the body fat percent, which it usually is able to give me; my only complaint is that I do continue to get the ERR3. I did not find it hard at all to program myself in, and the weight it gives me if I weigh myself again after an ERR3 is always the same to the decimal.

By anonymous; - Mar 31, 2008

I Hate Being Cheated out of Hard-Earned Money !!

Strengths: None

Weakness: Doesn't Work !!

I purchased this scale to see how much my running had paid off. I have lost 30 pounds and at 5'-10" I now weigh 151 lbs and I am very fit. I couldn't wait to check my body fat %. I liked the fact that the scale had an athletic mode because I thought that it would give a better reading of my body fat. After programming the scale, I tried it only to get the ERR3 code. I cleaned and moistened my...
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By RickCur - Apr 8, 2007

Non-functioning scale

Strengths: Looks cool

Weakness: Doesn't work

This scale has directions on the back of the scale, so you can't program it and read the directions at the same time. The back of the box says, "Simple to use. Programming prompts guide you effortlessly through data into your individual memory. Then...just remove footwear and step onto the platform." Not simple to use. I have a degree in computer information systems, my husband's is in political...
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By victoriafinnegan - Jan 10, 2006


mine keeps saying "error 3" don't know whats wrong. Also if you weigh yourself multiple times, in a couple minutes, you never get the same weight twice--the weights are all in a 5 lb range, but thats a lot.

By cindyJ - Sep 30, 2005

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