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Five stars

I have this light on my 55 gallon cichlid tank and I can't believe how awesome it is the light performs as advertised I would highly recommend this light the colors the ease of use are fantastic . No more single color expensive bulbs to replace and I can fine tune the colors to my liking at any time it's like having multiple tanks .and I am sure that the energy savings will also be improved over the old lights.slim design light weight beautiful colors I highly recommend this light for any tank

By MARIO GOLDORF on - Feb 23, 2015

Good for the price

The effects are cool, not quite the intensity I was hoping for.

By TRAVIS DUVAL on - Feb 19, 2015

Current USA LED Plus is amazin

Recently bought this light I did a lot of research and it was either between this or a Kessil but my budget only allowed for a certain so rates #1 1-2 on my list was this light. Super bright, love that it had a 6509 k output. I'm really happy with my purchase ;)

By ORVILLE SHEPHERD on - Feb 6, 2015

Great Light

I have had the light for about 5 days. Very nice, so many pre-programmed light settings I have not yet worked on the user programmed settings. Good light coverage. I have a 60 inch long tank 77 gallons and it fills it with light. Makes the fish come alive really shows their colors.

By DONALD FALK on - Jan 19, 2015


Impressive product it has many features that you will enjoy the lightning storms are great!

By JEFF THIESZEN on - Jan 8, 2015

Great Light

I thinks this light setup is really cool and has a lot of good features like multiple colors, adjustable colors, and storm/sunrise setting. That being said I wish it had a timer setting like the more expensive lights but compared to the marine land P.O.S. I had before, this light is a big upgrade! Impressed.

By KEVIN PELLMAN on - Jan 6, 2015

awesome light

ive had this light for about a week now and love it. my fish are happy as can be great product and quality. super safe packing.. id recommend to friend best price on the net.

By ARMANDO VELA on - Dec 31, 2014

very nice

It's a very nice light tons of custom abilities. I can't speak for plant growth yet as my plants are still in the mail. But so far it produces amazing light that covers every inch of my tank. Overall I'm happy with this light and I'd buy another

By TYLER MACKEY on - Dec 28, 2014

Satillite LED Plus

I love it. I wish it had an auto shut off with the lights though. It's bright and colorful.

By MICHAEL PERRY on - Dec 9, 2014

Excellent Light

Well built fixture that has a plethora of color options. The wireless remote is amazingly convenient and offers so many options. If you can't find a look that is pleasing to you then maybe you should get your eyes checked. The light is strong but not strong enough for deepish planted tanks, so keep that in mind when looking to light a planted tank. There is supposedly a planted version coming out in Dec. 2014 that addresses this. My only two complaints would be that there is no manual switch in case the remote is lost or broken and the lightning effect on this new model is more like someone turning a light on and off really quickly. I have an older model and the lightning effect did a better job of fading in and out and looking more realistic.

By TIMOTHY MCDERMOTT on - Nov 23, 2014

Works Well

I had issues with the first light i received, the light couldn't connect the the controller for some reason (something with the sensor). The Current LED team was quick to send me a replacement controller & when that didn't work they sent me a new light. The new light works great & I haven;t had any issues. I have a 40 gallon tank and bought the 36"-48" LED Plus. I have mostly live plants & they are all growing well, although I am thinking about getting a second light to brighten the tank up & add lighting for more plants. Overall I love it, tons of options (although some seem to be just for show). This light was suggested to me by some at my local fish store. I have been using the light for (2) months now.

By IAN CAMPBELL on - Nov 15, 2014

Great light fixture

I am amazed at the quality and choice of colors this LED light offers. Would definitely recommend it.

By LINDA KANE on - Oct 19, 2014

Great Value for the price

I have had this fixture for about a year now, and I am very happy with it. The color response is good, and the low profile look makes my tank look very professional yet uncluttered. I only have two complaints. 1) No timer function - when work gets busy, sometimes I can forget that it I left it in the moonlight mode when I am dashing out the door in the morning. 2) Remote interferes with VIZIO TV's. On some VIZIO TV's the commands overlap. (e.g. the up command for the TV is same as the purple button on the remote) Other than that I would recommend this to any of my friends, especially any beginners.

By Zack R. on - Oct 13, 2014


Have had it about a year and no complaints thus far.the light it emits is was more bright than i have thought it would be and the colors and the effects far exceeded my expectations it completely lights up my whole 55 gallon tank very well. overall very pleased with the product.

By TIMOTHY STOUT on - Oct 2, 2014

good light

The light has many options. The tank that I'm using it on has neons cardinals, glow lights, and other small tetras. It also has giant val, corckscrew val, and some crypt plants. The plants are doing great, and the fish really look nice. i replaced 120 watts of floul. lights with 30 watts of led. There is just as much if not more light, the spectrum is better, they will last longer, and the light wont fade with age.

By MIKE PERRY on - Sep 2, 2014


directions for use could be better however, the product itself is great.

By JACOB YOUNG on - Jun 9, 2014

Current LED Plus 48-60"

Awesome product. After a lot of research I decided on the Current USA LED Plus. You spend so much getting a tank ready ....I'm so glad I topped it off with this LED light. Its exactly what I needed for my 55 gal. Cichlid tank. The lighting possibilities are limitless. Once I plug it into a timer, it will be perfect.

By TIMOTHY KARAFFA on - May 29, 2014

New loyal customer

This is an awesome light! I'd also like to compliment your packing staff. They did a great job. I was at work when it was delivered and a big storm blew in. When I got home I found my package out in my yard about 300 feet from my porch. Not only did it get blown around but we got about four inches of rain that night. My light came out of the box with no damage.

By JACK MCKELVY on - May 17, 2014

Very adequate for growing

All the hobbyists that say this isn't enough light for growing plants are probably doing something else wrong. These lights are more than adequate for growing plants. They are rated at 6500 K. I have 3 of them on a 220 gallon lushly planted tank and all plants are thriving and growing fast.

By SCOTT BETTINGER on - May 13, 2014

Awesome Light

Love the light. Actually everyone who's seen it loves it. Pretty much completely adjustable from super bright colors to really low settings. And all available from the remote. Glad I got the remote model as well. It's a nice convenience. The light does not get hot at all and comes with good instructions and button layout on the remote. A+ :)

By SHANE HOFER on - May 12, 2014

Outstanding light

This light is outstanding --even more so if you consider the price. I did add a ramp timer so the tank comes on with a "sunrise" and shuts off with a "sunset".The custom colors and effects give you an incredible amount of control over the spectrum and the mood.I may have to look at replacing my existing T-5 lights on another tank.

By LEO TRISOLLINI on - May 9, 2014

Nice LED

Iove it. I wish, that it has a built in timer. Would be nicer, if I can bring up a little more red color. Good price by the way.

By Norachai Drabik on - May 2, 2014


Easy to set up and use. It seems to be having a very good effect on my plants and the fish behavior seems to have changed, they seem to be much calmer.

By ERNEST WHITING on - May 1, 2014

current fresh water led plus

Works very well great features good price...

By JAIME BONET on - Apr 29, 2014

current usa led satellite plus

I have this light on my 40 gallon breeder tank. Looks great plenty of light I would definitely buy again.

By MIKE DANDURAND on - Apr 27, 2014

freshwater led with remote

took a chance. love it. works great. love the presets and the lunar settings. having fun with the remote. wish I could program it and let it go through the 24 hour cycle. other than that "a great product"

By ROSS on - Apr 26, 2014


I had an Ecoxotic light with these color effects but it cost three times the price an had all kinds of wires and plugs. This light is just plug and play; excellent value!

By ROGER LEDERER on - Mar 16, 2014


I had an Ecoxotic light with these color effects but it cost three times the price an had all kinds of wires and plugs. This light is just plug and play; excellent value!

By ROGER LEDERER on - Mar 16, 2014


The light is amazing. I've never seen colors in a fish tank as this light produces.

By RICHIE BOCH on - Feb 26, 2014


The light is amazing. I've never seen colors in a fish tank as this light produces.

By RICHIE BOCH on - Feb 26, 2014

very nice

My purchase of the USA Satellite Freshwater LED 60" was a good choice over "florescent". I really like the rolling clouds effect and moonlight and lightning effect's. This is a good product and I do not regret buying it. Having said that....It was still to small for my 6ft tank so I just rigged it to fit rather than use the bracket's that extend even to the limit it was still to small. The remote is spotty so changing settings from my couch is a little frustrating. :( Also of all the choices to choose from I seem to only use the weather settings choices and have not mastered the "customize your own colors" buttons, OR the memory or add or subtract colors buttons. I'm giving the product 4 stars to leave room for improvement ie, better remote control (because that's a nice feature), longer to fit a 72" tank end to end (no shadow spot's) and the custom coloring seem to be a "token" feature that I really have not found to be useful or exciting to use so now the buttons are just a waste of space. SO 4 STARS IT GET'S FROM THIS CUSTOMER!

By CODY JOHNSON on - Dec 23, 2013

Great Light

My fish seem to really enjoy this light. Have this set up with "Current USA Single Ramp Timer" and it works great. The LED lights are a little jumpy for the first 1-2 minutes as it ramps up for sunrise mode, but the fish don't seem to care. With the Timer set to sunrise/sunset you have to stay away from the effects otherwise the lights flicker as they come on. Not a problem with instant on timer but then don't waste your money on the ramp timer. Seems like a well built product, low profile, I would buy it again.

By JONATHAN LOSCHE on - Nov 20, 2013

works well

the brackets are a little week when full extended to cover a 4 foot tank but the lighting features are cool, spent several hours playing with the settings, scared my eels with the lightning effect

By STEVE S on - Nov 18, 2013

Very Pleased

This is a very nice product and lives up to its word. I only purchased one to try on one half of my planted 120. I will be buying another to go on the other side. However, I will not be using it for my exclusive light source. I am sort to say I just don't believe it has enough umphf to get to the lower reaches of the tank. But that being said, it is a great accent for viewing my plants and pets and I am still having a lot of fun creating 'moods'. Funny thing, I actually believe different lighting brings about behaviors I have not seen in my fish previously. I would love to see an app that would allow me to control the light from my phone. One other thing that would truly make this a GREAT product would be a built in timer and to be able to turn the light on with a touch of a specific button. As it is now, if I turn it off at the brightest setting that's where it turns back on. I would prefer it if I could just turn on, say for instance, the dawn feature without having to startle the heck outta the fish. Thanks for a fun product!

By SEAN FLYNN on - Oct 7, 2013


Love it- it looks beautiful and love all of the different settings. Well worth the money and better priced than pet stores locally in my area!

By MELANIE SAVAGE on - Oct 2, 2013

current led plus

I received the Current led full spectrum fixture a couple of days ago & have it installed on a 65gal. freshwater tank with live plants .I have the remote set on the full spectrum. I will experiment with the various settings to see what will be best for the fish& plants.So far it seems to be a great light fixture

By HARVEY SUGERMAN on - Sep 22, 2013

current led plus

I received the Current led full spectrum fixture a couple of days ago & have it installed on a 65gal. freshwater tank with live plants .I have the remote set on the full spectrum. I will experiment with the various settings to see what will be best for the fish& plants.So far it seems to be a great light fixture

By HARVEY SUGERMAN on - Sep 22, 2013

LED Plus

I have this over a planted tank. The full spectrum setting looks good. I like the remote more than what I thought but it would be better to have a built in timer. The other colors are token colors. It has built in effects but there is no way to program them over time they are push button effects.

By BARTON ROWLEY on - Aug 30, 2013

Perfect lighting

I just recently purchased the USA Satellite LED light. I have already began to notice my plants are loving it. The fish even seem more relaxed. I love how you can adjust the lighting from daylight to night plus have storm effects, cloudy day, full moon, no moon. I set it every day to what the day is like outside.

By BRANDY DIEWOLD on - Jul 29, 2013

Incredible fixture on a budget

Right out of the box you could feel that this wasn't some cheap & flimsy aquarium fixture. This is very high quality. I am growing various plants such as crypts, java moss, aponogeton bulbs, java ferns, and marimo balls with this and they have all been getting incredible growth from this. The ability to change the color spectrum of my tank is great because I can put any color I want to bring out the colors of different fish. The dynamic effects are very fun to play with too even though the only one I use is the sunset effect in the morning and at night. Overall 5/5 best bang for your buck hands down.

By SEBASTIAN LACKI on - Jul 26, 2013

freshwater LED lights

I am very happy with these LED lights for my 75 gallon freshwater tank. You can change any color spectrum with the remote. All the colors pop and the lights give buttersmooth balance in my tank. Very much worth the money, have no regrets. Thank you marine depot for an excellent product!

By ANDREW STAFFORD on - Jul 13, 2013

Great Light for the $$

Have to say after 40 years of fresh water fish keeping I have had every light ever made. This Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Plus fills a long needed gap in the fresh water world. I am using it on a 75 gal Discus tank with several low light plants. The fish are more active during the day with rolling cloud cover as opposed to a steady light source. Works well with an external timer, low profile, no fans, no noise, easy use remote. Your not going to grow a jungle with this light "my opinion". However if your looking for a good all around affordable LED light you can't go wrong with this one. My children are grown now but if this was available 20 years ago they would have had hours of fun with the remote.

By John Tremblay on - Jun 26, 2013