Alcohoot AHT101 Smartphone Breathalyzer, Black


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View Larger The Power of Police Grade Technology in Your Hand Alcohoot is an easy, accurate tool to help you track your body's reaction to alcohol and become a smarter drinker. It uses an FDA-registered fuel cell sensor, the same technology used by police and military devices. Plug it right into your headphone jack, and you're ready to go. Learn your drinking habits, enhance your lifestyle. Actionable Data Alcohoot helps you discover your personal limits, giving you the confidence to make responsible decisions. View Larger Discover Personal Limits The SmartLine and Morning Quiz use algorithms to provide actionable steps based on your drinking trends, so you can drink smarter next time. View Larger Empowers Enjoyment Alcohoot inspires you to make safe, educated decisions, empowering you to have fun whenever and wherever you enjoy a drink. View Larger Part of Your Lifestyle Grab your wallet, keys, phone and Alcohoot. View Larger


Product Title: Alcohoot AHT101 Smartphone Breathalyzer, Black

Manufacturer: Alcohoot

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