Arrow Fastener Co. ETFX50 The X Machine Electric Pro Staple Gun

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Staple gun Perfect blend of form and function Powerful 14 amps of surge power Extra heavy duty professional quality Heavy duty 10 foot cord Uses 6 sizes of T50 Staples 1/4 inch - 9/16 inch and 5/8 inch Brad Nails Ergonomic cushioned grip for comfort Heavy duty solid-state electronic circuitry Exclusive on/off safety trigger lock Jam-proof mechanism


Product Title: Arrow Fastener Co. ETFX50 The X Machine Electric Pro Staple Gun

Manufacturer: Arrow Fastener

Lowest Price: $48.89 from Home Depot

Power Score: 1.4 | 7 Reviews

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Bought to use for installing insulation between studs. Jams easily, staples do not penetrate pine studs and sit flush with surface about half the time. Head broke off after grand total of two hours use. Wasn't worth my time to take back to store, just gave it to the recyclers.

By COCHARLI on Home Depot - Mar 12, 2013

Poor stapler

This thing is worse then a hand pump one, tried to staple paper to wood and the staples would barely go though. I took it back after about an hour of using it.

By Chris93555 on Home Depot - May 27, 2010

Don't bother

"heavy duty" is a joke. I bought one of these a few years ago and used it sporadically. The brads never NEVER go deep enough. Staples will penetrate, but you need to really push the stapler into the material to prevent kickback. Stapler died WAY too soon for the light amount of use I got out of it, and considering it was about $50 new. I'm going pneumatic. You should too.

By newscutter on Home Depot - Sep 3, 2009

Works "good"

I bought one of these to recover 18 restaurant booth seats. Best I can tell, you have to hold the staple gun straight and press it against the wood firmly to work. Out of about 1200 staples, I would say about 40 went only 3/4 of the way in. I like the gun, the way it feels, and how fast and easy it is to use. I'm convinced that there is some requirement of technique to using it. I do think I...
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By mankaw on Home Depot - May 8, 2009

Total waste of money

Will not even nail thru 1/4" plywood. The "brad nails" that it uses are no more than flimsy pieces of wire. I tested it on a roll of toilet paper and the nail only went in half way.

By TexanLew on Home Depot - Mar 9, 2009

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