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I am always looking for a better...

Strengths: Excellent product.

Weakness: None. Maybe pricing.

I am always looking for a better stapler. It drives me nuts that we have thousands of graduates from engineering schools every year, yet it is ever-so-hard to find a reliable stapler.
This is a very nice product, and will not disappoint.

By krbechek - May 29, 2004

Versatile, Easy, and Convinient.

Strengths: Charge lasts for a long time. Staples rarely jam. Powerful action.

Weakness: Some staple brands can jam it.

There aren't many companies that make a cordless stapler. This swingline is the only one that I found. It's a great stapler, it does what it's suppose to do. The only warning I have is that make sure to use Swingline staples. You don't have to use the expensive SP4 version that they recommend, I just used the SP1 which is the cheapest staples they make. I have used other brands and it jams the stapler. I guess they have a monopoly on which staples can be used in it. This is my second purchase of this stapler.

By moolman - Sep 20, 2008

One of the best

Strengths: Easy to use and flexibility in how you use. Has a number of adjustable operational features also.

Weakness: None

While I have had this purchase for only 7 days, I have owned and used this stapler particular brand for over a year. Staples thru up to 20 pages of 24# paper without a problem.

By BRIANGRA - Feb 22, 2008