Rubbermaid Sign, Safety, "Closed for Cleaning", Extends 49-1/2", Yellow

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Site Safety Hanging Sign is your first line of defense against costly slip and fall injuries. Sign and pole combination blocks doorway. Torsion action to secure pole extends to 50in. Durable materials for long product life. Soft, pliable sign for ease of use and storage. Available in multi-lingual warning messages. According to OSHA, slip, trip and fall accidents are the leading cause of injuries in commercial environments. Since 1980, injury lawsuits have risen by more than 300 percent. Warning patrons and employees of potentially dangerous areas is key to preventing injuries and avoiding these expensive lawsuits.COLOR: Yellow


Product Title: Rubbermaid Sign, Safety, "Closed for Cleaning", Extends 49-1/2", Yellow

Manufacturer: Rubbermaid

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