Global Industrial Hazmat Container Labels - Gasoline

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HAZMAT CONTAINER LABELS 3-1/4 x 5 Gasoline Container labels alert employees to potential chemical hazards. Highly visible red and white container labels clearly identify chemicals in containers. Labels are engineered to withstand most chemicals, solvents and vapors. These Hazmat labels are fade resistant and may be written on to provide further instructions. Container labels are made of flexible .004 mil thick Vinyl. Pressure-sensitive permanent adhesive backing is designed for fast and easy peel off and application. Vinyl is a moisture-resistant, long-lasting material that strongly adheres to both flat and curved surfaces. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Labels include the following information: Identity of product, synonyms, signal word (Poison, Danger, Warning, Caution), target organs, statement of hazards, precautionary measures, symptoms of exposure, instructions in case of contact, spill response procedures, and MSDS reference. Warning labels measure 3-1/4 x 5. 5.00 L. 1.00 W. 4.00 H.


Product Title: Global Industrial Hazmat Container Labels - Gasoline

Manufacturer: Global Industrial

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