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Office Reviews

Most Helpful Reviews

5 Star Review Epson Premium Glossy Paper


nativephotog - (January 30, 2007) I've been in the darkroom industry for 28 years and have had my own digital darkroom for three years. I can say from experience that using Epson paper with Epson printers produces high quality, professional images. The key is using the premium grade papers. I was initially told to use regular photo paper for proofing before using the premium paper but I found that the difference in print quality was significant enough for me to rule the other paper out... a waste of time and ink. What I really like about this paper is that you don't have to factor in new emulsion types with each new batch of paper like you do with traditional photo paper. I have found that the colors are consistent fro

1 Star Review School Pro Heavy-Duty Electric Sharpener


kikikiki - (October 04, 2003) The first period of time - all went well. But the fact that it went blunt within a short period of time and I could find no way of resharpening it ment that I must now buy a new one. My advice - Avoid any sharpener which offers no easy replacement for the cutter mechanism. This happened just through home use. In a school environment this would have occured much sooner.

5 Star Review Photo Paper Pro 13 X19 Compat w/S9000


brianauger - (November 24, 2002) Unlike HP printers, Canon designs its printers to work best with its proprietary papers. With my HP printer, I can substitute the cheaper Kodak paper, with my Canon S9000, I can't. Results using my Canon S9000 printer and the Photo Paper Pro are awesome, as good as the best professional conventional processing. Don't bother with the Canon Glossy photo paper, it is cheaper, but the results are inferior.

Latest Reviews

5 Star Review Great service

Kim - (09/15/2013) I use this to print out my artwork. It is consistant material. No flaws. Artwork turns out fantastic on it.

5 Star Review Great service

Kim - (09/15/2013) I use this to print out my artwork. It is consistant material. No flaws. Artwork turns out fantastic on it.

5 Star Review Great Quality

itsjot - (09/14/2013) Print quality on this paper is excellent. I'm new to printing on this size photopaper. You need a good quality image as anything with small image megapix will not take advantage of a the large print.

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