Stanley Classic 99 Utility Knife

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Product Title: Stanley Classic 99 Utility Knife

Manufacturer: Stanley

Lowest Price: $6.70 from Global Industrial

Power Score: 4.5 | 2 Reviews

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Heavy and basic

This is a simple tool which is heavy (durable) enough for professional work, yet affordable enough to have several (for each tool box) No bells and whistles. I have used the gamut and lost much more expensive models. Others broke too quickly. My utility knife has to be tough! This is one of my favorites...

By Just1Carpenter on Acme Tools - Jan 19, 2013

Stanley Retractable Blade Knife

My previous utility knife was pretty old, such that it required that I unscrew it to take it apart and expose the blade. The Stanley blade is very easy to use, and you can substitute other blade styles as well. I personally use the "Hook" style blades frequently to remove golf grips from clubs without damaging the graphite shafts. But this knife is handy for so many things, and it's not flimsy...
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By JoePro on Home Depot - Apr 7, 2007

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