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Pilot Vanishing Point Collection Retractable Fountain Pen, Blue with Gold Accents, Blue Ink, Broad Nib (60366) Vanishing Point comes in a wide array of refined styles and colors.View larger Vanishing Point features a remarkable retractable nib.View larger Pilot Vanishing Point Revolutionary in its origin and unmatched even today, the Vanishing Point fountain pen by Pilot was the first retractable fountain pen on the market. Originally crafted in 1963, the precise engineering of the barrel and internal mechanisms allow the nib to disappear completely when not in use, creating a truly retractable fountain pen. The Vanishing Point nib, expertly fashioned in 18-karat gold for exquisite writing performance, is available in three elegant finishes designed to perfectly coordinate with the accents on the pen: yellow gold, silver-tone Rhodium plating, or a black ion-coating. While others have attempted to imitate the ingenious concept of a retractable fountain pen, the brilliant design of the Vanishing Point has never been surpassed. Simple yet flawless technology allows for a dependable and trusted writing instrument that has withstood the test of time. Sophisticated Finishes and Limited Editions Vanishing Point is offered in an array of exquisite, sophisticated finishes and nib sizes for the ultimate in customization. Barrel colors range from traditional solid colors, to subtle patterns, to bold contemporary colors. Choose a Vanishing Point adorned with luxurious embellishments of inlaid Raden (mother-of-pearl) accents. Other premium offerings include annual limited-edition barrel colors and special highly-collectible limited edition designs to commemorate Pilot Corporation anniversaries. Technology Design innovation puts the Vanishing Point in a class of its own. Assembled by hand, the expertly crafted internal mechanism contains features such as a special trap door to prevent the nib from drying out when retracted. Vanishing Point is exquisitely constructed for reliability and superior writing performance. Perfect for gift giving, Vanishing Point arrives in a handsome gift box with black slip sleeve. View larger The Gift of Pilot Fine Writing Each Pilot Vanishing Point fountain pen arrives packaged in an elegant gift box perfect for presenting to respected colleagues, treasured friends, and loved ones. Pilot is renowned for quality that lasts and superior writing performance. You can feel confident in offering a Pilot Vanishing Point as a gift of distinction.Refills and Ink The Vanishing Point fountain pen can be filled with either the provided blue ink cartridge or by using the included converter with your favorite fountain pen ink. Pilot recommends using Pilot IC50 or IC100 ink cartridges or one of the many beautiful, nature-inspired Pilot Iroshizuku bottled fountain pen inks for an exceptionally expressive and smooth writing experience.

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Product Type: Fountain

Ink Color: Blue


Product Title: Pilot Vanishing Point Collection Retractable Fountain Pen, Blue with Gold Accents, Blue Ink, Broad Nib

Manufacturer: Pilot

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