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Cushion point adjusts to writing pressure, reducing lead breakage and prolonging writing life. Twist action tip makes advancing your lead a breeze. Strong pocket clip keeps your pencil with you at all times. Retractable lead protects pockets and purses.

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Product Type: Mechanical Pencil


Manufacturer: Newell Rubbermaid

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Avoid! Buy a refillable pencil instead

Strengths: Good action, good grip, works fine.

Weakness: Non-refillable, disposable, plastic, environmentally unfriendly.

Let's stop contributing to the throw away society. Haven't we learned anything about pollution? None-refillable, disposable. People will use them and toss them and they'll end up in the landfill! What a waste! There are other decent pencils that are refillable, so buy them instead. All the energy and resources going into a product that's just going to be discarded! Papermate should not make such...
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By starwriter - Apr 1, 2008

A unique disposable MECHANICAL pencil !!!!

Strengths: NO NONSENSE The turning action of the nozzle gives you the best control over how much lead you get. The lead creates clean expressive lines. Great for art, and personal writing

Weakness: It's disposable, rare and misunderstood. Looks ugly and mundane. Lead smears like any other pencil.

NO NONSENSE I'm an art student(animation) and I have come to love the quality of this pencil. For my drawing I have come to prefer the line quality of this pencil and I love how the tip of the pencil turns to give you the lead you want. There is no need to push the lead back into the pencil. turning the tip gives you as little or as much lead as you want. However, it is rare and disposable and...
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By Indeliblehulk - May 5, 2007

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