Sato T110A Black Wax Resin Ribbon

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Sato T110a Black Wax Resin Ribbon - Direct Thermal Thermal Transfer - Black - 25 Pack 12S000112 12S000112


Product Title: Sato T110A Black Wax Resin Ribbon

Manufacturer: Sato

Power Score: 3.2 | 14 Reviews

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Not disappointed at all

Strengths: Loud, small size, sturdy sub woofer case, very good frequency response, good up-mixing.

Weakness: None, other than they aren't sold in the States anymore.

I also purchased the Creative GigaWorks S750 system when they were only a couple months old, and at $500 got a really good price (compaired to what the Creative Singapore site is selling them for ($799.00 on sale). To this date, I haven't experienced any of the problems with the subwoofer that others are reporting. In fact, stupid me, I placed the subwoofer under my computer desk and started...
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By darringreen - Jul 9, 2008

Excellent value for the money

Strengths: The bass mainly, the medium & high notes and of course the loudness !

Weakness: Miles of wires ! Volume control is not responsive, only analog input and supplied cable works for Creative products only.

I have been having the system for about 22 months. The quality has been outstanding, better than Onkyo HT-SR700 I used to own. My setup is connected to DDTS-100, which is also a nice product. DVDs sound life like and music is awesome, especially at high pitch. The bass was a bit overwhelming out of the box, but after I calibrated with Avia DVD, everything is just wonderful. My biggest gripe is...
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By rexian - May 7, 2007

Buyer Beware...

Strengths: 7.1 Sound is the wave of the future, a 7.1 home theater system is $1000+. THX Certified Compatible with all X-Fi sound cards

Weakness: Remote Control Lacks Advanced Features you'd expect from this price range. You must have a fairly up to date sound card for 7.1 sound, may not work with your on-board sound. No Digital/Optical plugs

Buy a extended warranty if at all possible...
Creative Labs forum is full of RMA's and complaints of this products subwoofer going bad after 2 months. Also complaints of worse customer service, apparently you have to ship this to them at your own expense, however if there is any problems after the first RMA they will send you a pre-paid shipping label.

By sigma682 - Jan 9, 2007

Sounds great till it breaks in 3 months

Strengths: Sounds great with games.

Weakness: The bass shakes the circut board apart.

My rear speakers started to glitch when there was heavy bass after about 3 months. I emailed my prob and got an answer suggesting wiggling my plugs because maybe I had a bad connection at a plug. Haha

By Kevin Werle; - Jan 2, 2007

Gigaworks Blows them away!

Strengths: Ease of setup, great sound, high quality speakers

Weakness: Can't locate spekaer stands online anywhere for the us Rear speker cable is long, but I needed another 5 or 6 feet. Luckily cable ia easily extended and I didn' have to cut any ends off.

This was an upgrade to my existing Altec Lansing system, which I loved, but this has more power and is a complete 7.1 system so I'm good for now and the future!

By jimkarl - Sep 10, 2006

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