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Epson inks, specialty papers, and printers are designed to work together to consistently bring you excellent results.

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Product Type: Ink Cartridge

Media Size: Sheet - US 4" x 6"


Product Title: Epson Ink Cartridge

Manufacturer: Epson

Lowest Price: $34.49 from Quill

Power Score: 5 | 5 Reviews

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Product Reviews (5)

I bought this product , but.....

Hi, I bought two packages mid-December 2008. They sent me ink that expires on January 2009, so I had only a week to use it. It was not funny to me and I sent it back ;(

By gernstudio on Adorama - Jan 14, 2009

Epson PictureMate Print Pack

Strengths: Matee finish (aka non-glossy)

Weakness: None

I got this pack to check the quality of the Epson PictureMate photo printing versus a regular photo processing on matte photo paper. I always liked matte finish over glossy finish since on matte colours looks more realistic/human were in glossy finish I always felt that the pictures are too crisp and unreal. Anyway, I wasn't disappointed and to my surprise PictureMate did a great job and the...
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By lvasiliu - Aug 25, 2006

Finally Matte Paper

Strengths: Great print quality, matte finish

Weakness: Usually more expensive than glossy, can't get matte paper only

The Epson Picture Mate prints out great photos and I've been using it with the glossy finish for about 3 months now. My wife has always preferred matte finish and this paper offers the same quality print as the glossy finish without the glare. The matte print pack is usually a little more expensive than the glossy pack in my experience, so you will pay a premium for the finish. The cartridges...
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By kandlg - Aug 14, 2006

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Strengths: It's matte!

Weakness: NONE

I was so excited when I heard Epson was coming out with Matte paper for the Picturemate. I had waited to buy my picturemate to get the paper and once I started shopping for the paper I couldn't find it in my town. I finally checked online and found it all over. I printed out 25 copies of the same photo for my Christmas cards and they are ALL perfect. I LOVE the MATTE and I am so happy with the...
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By KSantoyo - Dec 11, 2005

Convenience and economy

Strengths: Low Price, manufacturer guarantee, print quality

I loved this product! Why bother experimenting with different paper types when the manufacturer of the printer offers such a good price? The guarantee of 100 prints translates into an ink cartridge that is usually good for well over 100 prints. I found the paper to be very stable and not as humidity sensitive as other photo papers (read safe to handle). Only gripe is that the cardboard backer is...
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By jjodoin - Dec 10, 2005

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