Maglite Mini MAGLITE LED Black 2 Cell AA

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MINI MAGLITE LED FLASH LIGHT 2 CELL AA Powerful Projecting Beam that focuses simply by rotating the headBalanced Optics?, combining a highly refined reflector with a quality LED, for a brilliant adjustable beamIntelligent Energy Source Management (patent pending) balancing high brightness with efficient power usageCandle Mode, unscrew flashlight head, place head down on stable flat surface and set flashlight barrel into head No. of Batteries: 2Batt. Size: AABatt. Type: AlkalineColor: BlackLength: 6.607 inWatts: 3.00 WBulb Type: LEDWt.: 0 lb


Product Title: Maglite Mini MAGLITE LED Black 2 Cell AA

Manufacturer: Maglite

Lowest Price: $19.95 from Global Industrial

Power Score: 4.3 | 7 Reviews

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Product Reviews (7)

Very good flash light

This flash light will light up the day. Very bright and compact. I use this one on the job and it will illuminate the places I must view very well. I have used another brand but their LED upgrade/replacement LED model is very expensive. Use rechargeable batteries and, I feel, this one will more than cover the already inexpensive price. I recommend this one to any professional who wants a bright...
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By 73ckn797 on Home Depot - Dec 21, 2012

Maglite led 3 watt flashlight

Strengths: brightness and beam adjustability is fantastic

Weakness: tends to lose connction due to weak spring in the end cap

Ive owned three of this model light all with the same problem I use them constantly at work and at home so they go through alot of abuse I love the brightness and adjusting beam The only problem I have is loose connections due to weak spring in the end cap and have to stretch the spring to cure this problem My only suggestion would be a stronger spring

By anonymous; - Jan 2, 2009

Maglite 3 watt LED Flashlight

Strengths: Powerfull beam. Compact size. Surdy construction. Hany holster.

Weakness: None

Many of the 3 Watt LED flashlights are quite bulky or chunky. The Maglite 3 watt flashlight is well made with an adjustable beam and is very slim. The holster that comes with the flashlight is also very useful.

By dpowellvirginia - Sep 28, 2008

Amazing Flash Light

Strengths: • Uses 3 watt LED, powerful focusing beam, efficient power usage, candle mode, Durable, reliable, aluminum body, water resistant and shock resistant.

Weakness: none so far

I already purchase a Mini Maglite LED for my car and was so impressed with it that I bought a second one for the kitchen. The Flash light is 6.5 inches long and about a inch in diameter at its widest point. There is a lot that comes from this little flash light. When I compared the light with my much larger 3D Cell Maglite the light was almost as bright. I am very happy with this purchase and...
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By Pete_Z - May 7, 2008

Great flashlight

Strengths: Bright. Shock and corrosion resistant. Small.

Weakness: None.

This is a great LED flashlight. The light is bright. Focus can be adjusted by turning the head, but no control for the brightness. It uses two AA batteries, so it is very light-weight. The body is shock and corrosion resistant, so it is great for outdoors. I also bought SP2301H that requires three AA batteries, but I like SP2201H better because it is light.

By mascaras1 - Mar 1, 2008

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