Sharpie Accent Gel Highlighters, 5 Colored Highlighters

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Sharpie Gel highlighter, our strongest smear protection, glides smoothly across the thinnest of pages without bleeding through. Unlike a regular ink highlighter, the Sharpie Gel highlighter is unique in three important ways: 1) It goes on the page dry so you never need to worry about bleed through, 2) Because it goes on the page dry, it works on all paper surfaces including glossy and thin papers, magazines and Bibles and 3) It won’t dry out- even if you leave it uncapped. For those frustrated with highlighters that smear, bleed through thin pages or dry out, you’ll quickly discover the Sharpie Gel highlighter solves these problems with ease.


Product Title: Sharpie Accent Gel Highlighters, 5 Colored Highlighters

Manufacturer: Sharpie

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