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Premium quality white matte labels


Product Title: Memorex CD/DVD Labels

Manufacturer: Memorex

Lowest Price: $21.76 from

Power Score: 3.8 | 11 Reviews

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Strengths: Good labels, better then generic ones I have used off of other places

Weakness: None

Some have had problems with them not playing, this happened to me when played in computers. The solution is not to put the break out the inside ring. Seems that little bit of extra weight seems to make it not run.

I love the software, it makes it easy to even put in my own background pictures, better then others I have played with.

By anonymous; - Jul 29, 2007

Good quality Labels for a great price.

Strengths: Good quality paper, Covers the whole surface of the disc, the software prints a whole surface label.

Weakness: None so far.

Had these lables for over a year now and am extremely pleased with the. Several people reported that using a label on a dvd disc will harm the perforamance of the disc but am yet to face any problem. These are excellent quality labels for a very attractive price.

By MightyIndian - Jul 7, 2006

Decent Purchase

Strengths: Good price, quality label

Weakness: Some DVDs freeze

Great value per label. The labels print great. Had a little trouble with the printer calibration but I like the software versus the Fellowes software I was using. Some DVDs freeze up.

By felixx9999 - May 17, 2006

Memorex cd/dvd labels

Strengths: Prints to outer ring or inner ring of disc, good software

Weakness: Label curls when peeled

I like this labeling system since it allows me to choose whether I want to print up to the inner ring (full face) or just to the outer ring of the disc (standard). Print quality is also pretty good. The only downside is that the label curls after it is peeled and therefore is a little tricky to affix to the disc as it doesn't sit flat in the applicator.

By bencholas8 - May 11, 2006

Nice labels for a good price.

Strengths: Covers entire disc, good locking, and cheap.

Weakness: The software isn't even worth the time installing.

I have applied these labels to about 100 disc and haven't had a problem yet. These labels cover out to the outer edge of the disc and look real nice but the software sucks. I had some Avery labels that kept on curling up but so far, these labels haven't done so.

By jwebb48111 - Feb 25, 2006

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