Insinkerator InSinkEratorHOT 1 Instant Hot Water Dispenser HOT 1

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Instant Hot Water Dispenser saves time and adds elegance to the kitchen. Consider how often you heat water. When you do, you'll realize just how much you would use an instant hot water dispenser. Design Features Hot Only — 1/3 gallon tank delivers 40 cups of near boiling 190°F water per hour.


Product Title: Insinkerator InSinkEratorHOT 1 Instant Hot Water Dispenser HOT 1

Manufacturer: Insinkerator

Lowest Price: $128.74 from FaucetDirect

Power Score: 3.2 | 58 Reviews

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Product Reviews (10)

Good value for the price

This is my second one the first lasted about ten years.

By Pinball on Home Depot - May 28, 2013

Works Great

This was my third hot water dispenser. All three same model. The previous ones lasted about six years. The only difference in this and the last one was the handle. The first one I owned had a sturdy plastic handle. Happy I kept the old handle when the one on the last one broke after a few years. Also, the washer securing the spout into the top of the dispenser tends to wear out from rotating the...
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By JoeNick on Home Depot - May 21, 2013

My Hot Shot 1 has lasted since 2004

I got almost nine years of service from this product. Yes, it occasionally sputtered and the handle broke twice. But I called customer service, and received a free handle both times. I used it a lot. Am now going to order another one to replace it. Hopefully, this one will last 9 years also.(I had the first one installed, will try to install this one ourselves.)

By Sammie3269 on Home Depot - May 13, 2013

Not as nice as I had hoped

I bought this Instant Hot Water Dispenser model because of the faucet height. This particular model has the tank right under the faucet, however, which was not made clear on the box or brochure. This forced me to make a new hole (I was replacing a previous model which had burned out) because the tank wouldn't fit where the old faucet had been. The faucet valve appears to be flimsy. The faucet...
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By Phil on Home Depot - May 3, 2013

Performs as expected

We installed this as a replacement. The original hot water dispenser (same make, btw) had begun spitting out tiny black granules and failed to heat the water after 9 years. So far so good.

By chattamab on Home Depot - Apr 23, 2013

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