Schilke Gold Plated Tuba Mouthpiece, SH - Helleberg


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Schilke tuba mouthpiece available in a variety of sizes and specifications. 62 - A superior standard mouthpiece with a good centered sound and easy response in the high and low register with good intonation. Also recommended for Eb or F tuba. 66 - Designed from the original Helleberg, this mouthpiece offers a smaller inside cup diameter but still produces a rich tone quality with a wealth of volume. SH - This Schilke Helleberg model offers a rim contour that is different from our #66. This mouthpiece produces a sound that is clear and dark. 67 - Similar to the SH model, but slightly larger. The contour is also similar to the #66 but offers improved tonal response. 69C4 - With a very comfortable rim and cup that is not too deep, the 69C4 offers an excellent characteristic sound and facilitates all registers of the instrument.


Product Title: Schilke Gold Plated Tuba Mouthpiece, SH - Helleberg

Manufacturer: Schilke

Lowest Price: $194.97 from Cascio Interstate Music

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