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Trombones - Product Reviews

Most Helpful Reviews

5 Star Review The Classic All-Purpose Tenor Trombone


perdidopunk - (November 20, 2006) The King 2103-S and 2103-SGX are actually key of C. These horns are legends in the jazz world and the 2103-SGX is often referred to as the most beautiful trombone ever manufactured. The density of the silver bell makes it a difficult horn to master, but once comfortable with it, one can expect a rich tone that handles well in all registers.

4 Star Review 88HO Trombone (with F Attachment)


Saifer3 - (January 31, 2005) This trombone kicks major butt! I would suggest to anyone who is seriously considering trombone as a major in college or playing trombone professionally to take a peek at this trombone. It is worth it!

5 Star Review Simply Amazing


andymac14 - (May 09, 2006) For anyone who's looking for a new trombone, this is deffinatley the one you're looking for. I have just gotten this for my birthday and I'm amazed by the delivery this trombone brings everytime i open it from its case. At first I was being told to get this and that, but once I tried out this horn, I knew which one I was going for. Best trombone out there!

Latest Reviews

5 Star Review This is a great trombone!

rgillam2 - (12/06/2012) I have been playing on this trombone since 1998 when I started college. It has been a wonderful concert, orchestra, and ensemble trombone. It doesn't get real brassy like my simple Yamaha can for marching band; rather, it has solid, warm, clear tones. I switch between a Bach 6 1/2 AL and a Yamaha 48L mouthpiece, depending on the music I'm playing and the tone quality I need. It has been very easy to care for and the red brass bell is easy to keep clean and shiny. The slide works perfectly. I deep-clean it twice a year and it's still in perfect condition.

5 Star Review Kanstul 1550

Bobbee9 - (04/09/2009) This is a great tenor trombone. Tone is So rich, slide is the best I have ever played. This is a perfect tenor Trombone. I love the copper bell. The tone is so out of sight!

5 Star Review xeno bass trombone

Anonymous - (03/20/2009) overall a great insturment. I would get this in a heart beat . the instrument has a wounderful sound quality to it. there is no air restiction in the valves at all. even playing the valves it sounds great. i recomend that you get this instrument

Top Reviewers


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