Yamaha HS50M 70 W RMS Speaker - 2-way

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The new HS50M reference monitor has been created by Yamaha's studio monitor engineering team to deliver exceptionally flat, accurate response that you can trust. Unlike monitor speakers with exaggerated bass and treble that make a good first impression but can't be relied on for accuracy.

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Studio Monitor Type: powered


Product Title: Yamaha HS50M 70 W RMS Speaker - 2-way

Manufacturer: Yamaha

Power Score: 4.6 | 4 Reviews

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Very good monitors but...

Strengths: High quality sound and performance, room control

Weakness: static white noise

Very good sound and performance. Room control with mid, high are very helpful. They are realy good monitors for mixing and mastering at realy good price. But unfortunately only one minus is static white noise when turn on the monitors. When I turn on PC/MAC I can't hear noise. But when PC/MAC is off you can sit in listening triangle 1 to 1,5m from HS50M and in your studio/room is quiet you can...
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By anonymous; - Nov 27, 2009


Strengths: Great sound, no noise, look great

Weakness: none so far

I use these at my house for listening to house and dance music and I am very satisfied. I also use them to work with cubase and they perform flawlessly. When you use these you know that you're hearing the true sound. I would highly recommend them.

By avagra - Aug 19, 2008

Very clear sound with audible noise

Strengths: Clarity sound

Weakness: Audible noise at quiet environment

I bought them for my Motif XS. Its middle and high sound are very clear. The big problem is I can hear their noise when I turn them on at very quiet situation. Even I play my Motif XS when I select some voices, such as pianos, etc, I still can hear the noise. It makes me very uncomfortable. Yamaha's monitor speaker, such as Yamaha NS10M, used to be a standard of recording monitors. But this model...
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By qcharlie - Nov 20, 2007

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By bestcovery.com - Mar 4, 2011

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