Radial JX-2 Switchbone AB-Y Amp Selector/Combiner: Guitar Pedals & Effects


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Guitar Pedals & Effects - The Radial JX-2 Switchbone is an AB-Y box that is designed for an electric guitar to drive two guitar amplifiers at the same time without introducing noise, hum or coloration. All of the features on the Switchbone have been optimized for maximum performance while eliminating clutter and unnecessary controls. And pedal-board users will truly appreciate the Switchbone's compact size. Look inside and you will be amazed at the circuitry required to make this unique AB-Y box work. The Switchbone is a true engineering marvel. Radial JX-2 Switchbone at a Glance:AB-Y Class-A switcher Noiseless switching between amplifiers Class-A circuit for exceptional audio Unique Drag control load correction Built-in Power Boost circuit with mid control Transformer isolated to eliminate ground loopsAB-Y Class-A switcherThe Radial JX-2 Switchbone is the ultimate AB-Y guitar amp switcher. It is a creative tool that is designed to allow your guitar to drive and control two amplifiers

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Signal Processor Type: effects processors


Product Title: Radial JX-2 Switchbone AB-Y Amp Selector/Combiner: Guitar Pedals & Effects

Manufacturer: Radial

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