Ideal Pet Products Perfect Pet by Ideal Modular Patio Door Xlg Silverr

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This Perfect Pet by Ideal Modular Patio Door can be fitted to an existing sliding patio door to give pets easy in and out access to decks and back yards. Door fits easily into the tracks of an aluminum patio door frame.Item #PP100


Product Title: Ideal Pet Products Perfect Pet by Ideal Modular Patio Door Xlg Silverr

Manufacturer: Ideal Pet Products

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Power Score: 4.5 | 4 Reviews

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A little disappointed

The door was very easy to assemble. However, I was disappointed that it didn't have a latch to lock into the frame of my sliding patio door. The only security is a pin which is used in the sliding glass door. The winter stripping does not really help keep any drafts out. I had a better seal on the door when I had not installed the unit. Gonna keep it for now. Already drilled the holes in the...
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By 1yorkieluver on PETCO - Jan 22, 2012

Pet door

Love the dog door! The installation was easy the seal is good it's very sturdy I would rate the door a ten on the scale

By Theoyuki on PETCO - Dec 16, 2011

Modular Pet Door

The pet door arrived on time and in good shape . The pet door was easy to put together with the the easy to read assembly instructions. The package was missing the installation instructions, but we were able to install with out a hitch. All the parts were there. It would have been nice to have some bracket to lock the patio door against. There was a locking device that required drilling to...
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By Barb1234 on PETCO - Dec 20, 2010

Excellent Dog Door

The dog door was easy to install and took about 1 day for my Cocker Spaniel to learn how to use it. I purchased the medium size one. I would have liked to get the x-karge so my lab could use it too, but those are quite costly. Petco was the most reasonable though.

By Lizzy155 on PETCO - Sep 19, 2010

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