Edirol Roland PSB6U-120 AC Adapter

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Essential Audio Tools - When you're not out in the field capturing pristine digital audio, take advantage of AC power, with Roland's PSB-6U power adapter. Made to work with Roland's R-05, R-1, R-09, and R-09HR handheld digital recorders, the PSB-6U makes it easy to draw wall power when you're recording inside (or outside, if an outlet is handy). You'll save battery life while you capture that recital, lecture, or concert with breathtaking audio quality. Get more out of your handheld recorder; plug in for power, with the PSB-6U! Roland PSB-6U AC Power Adapter for Roland Handheld Recorders Features:Works with Roland R-05, R-1, and R-09/R-09HR digital recordersConvenient design, with detachable cordDurable constructionRoland's PSB-6U AC power adapter lets you plug in for power when you need it!


Product Title: Edirol Roland PSB6U-120 AC Adapter

Manufacturer: Edirol

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