Countryman Type 85 (Class-A DI Box): Essential Audio Tools


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Essential Audio Tools - Countryman's Type 85 direct box connects any high impedance instrument, even piezo pickups to a balanced mic input while providing a strong, clean signal to the mix board without adding noise or distortion.The Type 85 uses only hand selected, high-quality discrete components woven into a single ended, Class A circuit - much like a classic tube mic preamp! The sound? Smooth and sweet. Ultra rugged and ready for the road, we've heard stories of engineers running over their Type 85 with a truck and then using it in a gig the same day! Another stand-out feature is the fact that the Type 85 can always isolate ground, even when running on Phantom power, eliminating unwanted hum and buzz.


Product Title: Countryman Type 85 (Class-A DI Box): Essential Audio Tools

Manufacturer: Countryman

Lowest Price: $179.00 from Sweetwater

Power Score: 4.6 | 1 Review

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