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Recorders & Wind Instruments - Product Reviews

Most Helpful Reviews

5 Star Review Don't listen to the other reviews. Research other sources


Anonymous - (August 29, 2007) Don't listen to the other reviewers. This machine is one hell of a machine for the price. Best portable recorder I've ever owned, and I've owned *alot* of recorders.

3 Star Review Zoom Japan confirms flashing LED noise problem


Anonymous - (March 19, 2007) I spoke with representatives from Zoom Japan. They confirmed that the flashing LED does cause a noise problem. Here is what they wrote. We have figured out that the noise problem is caused by the analog circuit board layout. So, it's not possible to solve by updating the system software. Also, we do not have a plan to change the circuit design at this time. Please be advised further explanations below. - Noise was available because battery does not apply enough power to load change. So noise is gone when you use a supplied AC adapter. - Also noise level depends on a SD memory card, because power consumption is different with different cards. Regarding the problem with the built-in mi

1 Star Review Zoom H4 Handy Recorder 4 Track Digital Recorder with 64MB SD Card and Cubase LE Software


twotower - (March 12, 2007) If you are not picky about audio quality and simply wish to record interviews/lectures and the like for your own personal use, then this is a good machine. I do not recommend the H4 for any kind of professional recording purposes if high audio quality is desired e.g., your music or recorded sessions that you wish to sell to the public. 1.) Electretet microphones still are sound sensitive (can pick up sound) when the input is switched to "Line In". 2.) Mic pre-amps generate too much noise for professional recording purposes. 3.) The blinking LED in "Record Mode" causes radio interference that is picked up in the recording as an audible beeping sound. This is most noticeable when record

Latest Reviews

4 Star Review Good bang for the buck

AVS - (09/10/2013) Installation went smoothly with no hickups. I use it with HDMI for live HD streaming with UStream Producer. You really need to understandthe format of the signal coming in and set it manually in the software preferences. Oh and it defaults to SDI! There is no plug-and-play in this respect. E.g. my DSLR outputs 1080i and I need to set it in preferences to see the picture. If I change DSLR to 720p, corresponding change has to be made as well. I intend to investigate its use for recording.

5 Star Review I would buy this product again

Bill - (07/09/2013) My Olympus WS recorder fits perfectly. The case affords a lot of protection. I'm very pleased with the fit and finish.

5 Star Review Easy to record, and good fidelity

Putney - (07/08/2013) I primarily use the recorder for practicing speeches and listening back to myself. I also use it for recording general messages for myself. The recorder is easy to use. And the sound playback is very clear and understandable. No drawbacks with the rec

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