Yamaha YPT-200 Portable Keyboard

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A truly affordable portable keyboard that also doubles as your own personal music teacher, the YPT200 offers it all 134 voices, 100 accompaniment styles, Yamaha Education Suite, Portable Grand, and General MIDI are just some of the features that this little wonder offers. The YPT200 features 102 built-in songs for you to learn to play, using Y.E.S.5. The songs are separated into left and right hand parts, providing 7 levels of lessons plus a convenient chord dictionary.


Product Title: Yamaha YPT-200 Portable Keyboard

Manufacturer: Yamaha

Power Score: 3.7 | 11 Reviews

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Lots of music for an affordable price

Strengths: Beautiful sound, 61 keys, 102 built in songs of high quality, auto accompany feauture, 134 realistic instruments, sustain feature eliminates the need of a external sustain pedal

Weakness: "Springy" keys, not touch sensitive, loud startup volume, small display screen, not-so-useful manual and CD

This keyboard is an excellent musical instrument to add some music to your home. I am surprised and pleased by the realistic and beautiful sound it produces. As a college student away from home, this keyboard serves as a great and affordable substitution for my piano at home. Even when I don't feel like playing the keyboard, I can listen to the pre-recorded songs, which sounds really good....
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By yoongwearn - Jan 14, 2007

very good entry-level keyboard

Strengths: easy to use, many features, good quality

Weakness: not touch sensitive, does not come with a music/note book

We compared with several keyboards in stores before we bought this one. The sound quality, the built quality are very good at the price we paid. There are many features we have not had time to explore. We do wish it is touch sensitive, but the sound quality is surprisingly good. We cannot wait to try when we got home, but there are no notes included in the package. Overall it is still a very good...
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By sesat123 - Jan 5, 2007

Great Digital Keyboard for beginner!

Strengths: Prices, lightweight, and piano has excellent feature.

Weakness: No Power Adapter, Not touch-sensitive keys.

This is a great digital piano for the prices. I wasn't expecting much but this piano equipped with many feature. This keyboard plays so many songs and there are a couple ways to teach them to yourself. Only one drawback was this product doesn't came with the AC adapter and the piano key is not touch sensitive. Other than that, this is a great product.

By datsel - Jan 5, 2007

Good product at good price

Weakness: keyboard stand not included

I bought this keyboard to learn how to play the piano and I love it.
nice product at good ptice! This keyboard come with AC adapter but no keyboard stand included.

By xinb2006 - Jan 5, 2007

Nice keyboard for beginners

Strengths: Easy to use and suprisingly good sound quality.

Weakness: AC adapter and keyboard stand not included. Display is quite small.

I bought this keyboard to learn how to play the piano and I really love the sound of the grand piano feature. There are a lot of instruments that I have not yet had the time to explore, but so far everything is good. The display, which shows the notes that you are using, is small so its kind of hard to see what you are actually pressing. Unfortunately there is no AC adapter or keyboard stand...
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By jiglypuffr - Dec 13, 2006

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