Yamaha PSR-295 Digital Keyboard

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The PSR-295 is a wonderful keyboard for people that want to learn to play music. We've beefed up the Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S.) found on previous models with a new version, Version IV. In addition to the standard Left and Right hand lessons, Version IV includes Your Tempo and Repeat & Learn modes. The keyboard comes with 30 pre-loaded songs, Flash ROM internal storage for adding more, and 70 additional selections on an included CD-ROM. Simply connect the keyboard to your computer via the convenient USB connector and transfer songs to the keyboard for learning or listening (PC only). The PSR-295 is the first in the line with recording capability and also features new performance assistant technology that allows you to play along with songs and not make a mistake even if you're a complete beginner


Product Title: Yamaha PSR-295 Digital Keyboard

Manufacturer: Yamaha

Power Score: 3.2 | 4 Reviews

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Strengths: The keyboard has a great sound.

Weakness: I have had no success in getting Yamaha's MIDI driver to work.

This keyboard has a great sound. However, I have had no success in getting Yamaha's MIDI driver to work. Even after calling Yamaha and downloading a new driver, I have not succeeded in getting the keyboard to communicate with my computer and the program Finale.

By Bethanyowens - Jun 3, 2008


Strengths: Full sized keys, Midi and sound

Weakness: Display could've been better.

Wonderful instrument. I don't know the basics of PIANO but I play flute and couple of other instruments in eastern music. I am learning this instrument on my own and I enjoy it. It has many instrument voices and I love the saxophone and folk guitar voice.

Overall good for a beginner. I bought it from CC for 60$ including tax after doing a price match which is a great deal

By cd_vevi - Jan 8, 2007

Awesome Keyboard-Great Features!

Strengths: touch sensativity for greater sound quality wide variety of sounds and musical instrument styles five user songs to record your own music on

Weakness: Can't adjust the mentronome volume

I highly recommend this product for good key range. It's silver color makes it look professional and sleek with nice speakers for good sound quality. Lots of extra features make it even better. You also have thirty songs to just listen to and enjoy.

By eaglegfx - Jan 3, 2007

Great Keyboard For The Price

Strengths: Decent Sound Quality, USB instead of Midi Output, recording Features.

Weakness: No Punch In Recording, Small Screen.

I just got this Keyboard 2 days ago and I am still learning how to use its features. Overall, I am very satisfied so far. I have used Yamaha keyboards before and they are great entry level and mid range keyboards. I basically chose this keyboard over a midi controller because it has USB out instead of midi out so that a regular USB cable can be used for connection with computer and it can also be...
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By Gjdude - Apr 2, 2006

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