Yamaha DGX505 88-Key MIDI Portable Keyboard

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Keyboard Keys: 61 key, 88 key


Product Title: Yamaha DGX505 88-Key MIDI Portable Keyboard

Manufacturer: Yamaha

Power Score: 3.9 | 8 Reviews

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DGX 505 as a learning instrument

Strengths: Design; price vs. features

Weakness: SmartMedia interface; clears settings on shutdown

I bought this keyboard after some online research comparing it to the other Yamaha and Casio models with intention to use it as a learning instrument. This keyboard is nicely designed and eye pleasing with light wood laminated exterior and came right out of the box with a matching stand, a bench, and a sustain pedal, unlike pricier all-grey-and-black plastic looking newer DGX 520. 505 also has a...
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By msashka - Oct 24, 2006


Strengths: Lightweight, easy to use, lots of different sound options

Weakness: Not enough "professional" type abiltities I guess you could say.

The DGX505 has alot of great features. I would definitely recommend it to a beginner-intermediate level pianist that wants something like this. I've been playing piano for almost 10 years and I'm in a band at church. I've found that the DGX505 doesn't have alot of the things that I would like for playing in a band or something like that. Also, I don't know if mine has a digital error or...
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By CCWRV - May 21, 2006

The Best!

Strengths: 88 Keys

Weakness: None

I think the price is cheap and also it's has a lot of instruments. I also like the stand that comes with it. I think this portable keyboard is the best!

By jpan123456 - Mar 23, 2006

Great DGX

Strengths: very similar to a grand piano. the keys are weighted and gives a real feeling from training to home practice

Weakness: none

love this for its price...i was shopping for the clavinovas' but this at a price of $585 is irressitible. Also the styling and the wood trims really make it look good for my home at a contemporary styles

By anandks - Feb 1, 2006

Important feature missing from DGX505 that was on DGX500

Strengths: Great sound quality and selection

Weakness: BIG Weakness -- Doesn't show you the notes you are playing in the LCD as you are playing them.

I just recently started taking piano lessons, so my perspective on this keyboard is from that of a complete beginner. The quality of instrument is great, however I remember seeing a DGX500 model at Costco about a year ago and it had this really neat feature where when you played, it actually displayed the Treble and Bass clefs on the LCD and showed you the notes that you were playing as you...
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By grantb - Dec 30, 2005

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