Alesis QX49 MIDI Keyboard

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Take commanding, tactile control over any parameter of your favorite music software with the QX49. Through standard USB connection, the QX49 receives power while also transmitting MIDI data to your Mac or PC software or hardware device of choice. Punch out a drumbeat on great-feeling pads, open up a filter with smooth, tight knobs, or adjust volume and playback of sequencing software with long faders and snappy buttons. QX49's immense parameter control and velocity-sensitive keyboard get your hands off of the mouse and into the action for a more efficient, visceral music-making experience.With a 49-note keyboard, the QX49's pitch range is perfect for performing with software instruments and samplers while still remaining highly portable. Furthermore, the Q49 provides keyboard players with a full compliment of controls including pitch and modulation wheels, octave up/down buttons and the ability to send program changes directly from the keys. The QX49's keyboard can even be split into sections to control multiple instruments at once!


Product Title: Alesis QX49 MIDI Keyboard

Manufacturer: Alesis

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