Kelly Shu Flatz Sennheiser E901 Interior Flat Mic Shock Mount


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Internal kick drum boundary microphones have always come with a challenge to keep them reliably in place inside the kick drum. Well, not anymore! Introducing The Kelly SHU FLATZ(TM) System. For convenience and sonic consistency from gig to gig, there's never been a product on the market meant to support, stabilize and isolate these popular kick drum microphones until now.The Kelly SHU FLATZ(TM), pronounced flats, is a dedicated kick drum microphone shock-mount isolation and stabilizing platform which installs in minutes with no drilling required. The system utilizes existing tuning hardware inside the drum for attaching the included solid rubber support rings between the drum shell and the FLATZ(TM) mounting unit. What you get is an isolated platform which holds your boundary microphone in place and you can leave the microphone inside the drum during transport without the worry of the


Product Title: Kelly Shu Flatz Sennheiser E901 Interior Flat Mic Shock Mount

Manufacturer: Kelly Shu

Lowest Price: $39.95 from Cascio Interstate Music

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