AKG C 2000 B (Sm Diaph Condenser Mic): Studio Microphones

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Studio Microphones - It isn't often that a microphone like the AKG C 2000 B comes around. Designed to handle a huge range of recording tasks, the C 2000 B features an almost ruler-flat response for a crystal-clear, up-front sound. The small diaphragm and bass rolloff make it ideal for close up miking. Top it all off with a rugged built-to-last design, and the C 2000 B is the perfect recording microphone for your project studio!AKG C 2000 B Condenser Microphone at a Glance:Cardioid pattern with precision-built capsuleSwitchable pad for added SPL capacityBass cut filter controls rumble and proximity effectDie-cast body guards against interferenceInternal shockmount reduces handling noiseIncludes H85 shockmount Cardioid pattern with precision-built capsuleThe C 2000 B transducer capsule has been acoustically designed with a cardioid polar pattern to make the microphone suitable for use both in the recording studio and on stage. The diaphragm is made of a plastic foil that is gold-sput


Product Title: AKG C 2000 B (Sm Diaph Condenser Mic): Studio Microphones

Manufacturer: AKG

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