Reviews for Stageworks VP15 15' 2 Way Passive PA Cabinet

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Impressive sound quality, couldn't believe it when was listening them.

Strengths: Clear high sounds, deep and clean bass. Cheap I just paid $139.Won't find anything better in this range $120-$230. I tried them all before get those.

Weakness: They're not heavy,construction is good but could be better.what else can you expect from these price.

I thought sales person was playing tricks on me, even its little brother vp12 sounds incredible...Got 4 of these for my young adult group at church, playing together w/ alesis sumo 300 and a crown xls 602 amp, plus a mackie vlz pro 1604 mixer and a vocopro dvx-780k. tested with premium cables. You'll get surprised when you listen them.

By superpowter77 - Sep 28, 2005