Electro Voice SBA760 760 W RMS Woofer - Black

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The Electro-Voice SbA760 is a new generation of hi-power compact subwoofers. Designed to match EV's Sx-Series speakers, it's an ideal system extension for SxA100, SxA250, and SxA360 powered speakers. The SbA760 adds extended low frequency response to Sx300 and Sx100+ passive speakers driven by powered mixers.

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Speaker Type: subwoofers


Product Title: Electro Voice SBA760 760 W RMS Woofer - Black

Manufacturer: Electro Voice

Power Score: 5 | 2 Reviews

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EV sba760 (woofer) with a pair of sxa250

Strengths: lots of power and the sound is absolutely crisp

Weakness: sub is heavy but worth its weight

i qwn them ....i dj for socials, weddings etc...these three speakers do the job with ease....lots of power and the sound is abs clear.....very happy with them...recently rocked a crowd of 300+ .....boy these speakers are amazing.....expensive but worth every penny...i use em for my personal recording too ....thank you EV

By anonymous; - May 6, 2009

Heart Pounding, Beat Thumpin!

Strengths: Thump, Range, Power, Wheels

Weakness: HEAVY!

This Sub is Amazing. It really POUNDS! I tested this against the Mackie 15" Sub and the QSC. Although I liked the QSC, and the mackie had some kick, I love the thump of this Sub. It handled lows like nothing. The beauty of this sub too is that even with the gain alllll the way down with just a smidge lifted. At like -9... it STILL thumps!!! I played everlasting bass on this it sounded sooooo...
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By SevenTwoSix - Nov 23, 2008

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